What Up Wednesday (on Thursday)

If there's one thing I'm good at it's drawing.
A blank that is.
If there's another thing I'm good at it's being late. So here I am tardy to the party and linking up (on Thursday) for What's Up Wednesday with Shay, Mel, and Pinterest Told Me To.
Why? Because I've drawn on blank on topics. The last Wednesday of each month you can link up as well answering these questions below.
What we're eating this week
We're gonna start off with the most fascinating topic 'eh? Well we have a vast menu of chicken and veggies. Pretty much every night. Dull, I know. It's bikini season and I'm nowhere near ready. I actually got an email from a swimsuit company about doing a sponsored post. The requirements were to have it done by the end of May and to post pictures with me wearing some of my favorite pieces. I replied quickly with a thanks but no ho ho ho ho ho way!
What I'm reminiscing about
Hmmm good question. I guess the first thing that comes to mind now are the days when I rocked bikinis. Thanks for bringing it up.
What I'm loving
This frickin onesie I just bought Liam!
What we've been up to
Rich: Getting rid of the mother bleeping Woodpecker outside our house. He starts pecking at the crack of dawn. All I want for Mother's Day is that Woodpecker to go away. ....And earrings. Earrings would be nice.
Teri: I've been working on my Etsy, hiring a nanny, trying to not lose my ish while wrestling two under two while Rich is back to work.
Olivia: Lots of "owtide" time.
Liam: Working on tummy time
What I'm dreading
Going back to work shortly. I don't want to be away from the kids. Because of the long hours I have to start to wean Liam on breastfeeding. Just bought a can of formula today and it makes me sad.
What I'm working on
Headbands, my abs, Frozen birthday party crafts, and this questionnaire.
 What I'm excited about
The fact that my Etsy is going to be featured in a magazine at the end of June! I can't say much now. Stay tuned!

What I'm watching/reading
Watching: The Last Man on Earth. Hu-freakin-larious.
Reading: Still Alice

What I'm listening to
Currently: Liam crying while Rich sings to him and Olivia munching on goldfish crackers.
Song of the week for me? Budapest by George Ezra
Or this super inappropriate song (NSFW)
Yup. Nope.

What I'm wearing
Tis the season for this for my face

What I'm doing this weekend
Working Cinco de Mayo and May Day

What I'm looking forward to next month
Getting back to work, my ipsy bag and my Stitch Fix package.

What else is new
Rich and I are going on a booze cruise on Tuesday (Cinco de Mayo) and I CAN.NOT.WAIT.TO.LET.LOOSE.FOR.ONCE! A guac and taco bar, 2-4-1 Margaritas and a mariachi band as we sail the night away on the Mississippi river.


  1. I came across your blog in the link up! I must check out your Etsy!!! Best of luck heading back to work!

  2. Loved loved loved Still Alice! And a booze cruise sounds like so much fun! I wish I was doing that for Cinco1


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