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The mini growth spurt in blog readers may not know what it is Rich and I actually DO for work. We work for our family's business May through September  (sometimes October) working festivals and events with our food trucks. August and September require us to travel the United States working various State Fairs. After our long summers busting our butts we're able to BOTH be home full time with the kids October through April. It's wonderful. It's fun. It's always a different "office view". I can usually bring the kids to work with us depending on the event. I wear sneakers instead of heels < My computer wanted to autocorrect that to "hells" which would have been appropriate too. I get to work with my husband and friends and after work we hit up the beer gardens and celebrate a successful event. More on work here.
When the kids get older they'll be off school in the summer but travelling to fairs with us. The awesome part is that they'll still be learning but won't know it. Sneaky parents... Olivia's favorite thing to do is check out the animals.
 Saturday brought us to Saint Paul for the Cinco De Mayo Festival and Sunday brought us to Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis for the May Day Festival. Two totally different festivals.... My God...
Other than the parade this is NOT one I bring the kids to. Around 4ish the crowds got rowdy and there were a couple fights. The local news kind of scared everyone away saying "Don't worry, there will NOT BE ANY GANGS THERE!" Which of course means there could be but we'll try not to. We had a huge lunch rush then it was a dud and we stood around looking at each other. When I say "lunch rush" I mean a line of people at least 45 people long constantly for a few hours. There's no time to eat, drink water, go to the bathroom, nothing. The awesome part about working in the summer is I walk tons because I usually have to park a couple miles away because of the crowd already there, I don't get a chance to eat (I know, not healthy) and I am moving constantly.
My friend Norah worked with us and when it was a dud we decided to grab a couple beers.
See? How fun is my job?
Well I paid a sitter until 7pm and it was only 5 so naturally we had to go out after work for taps and apps. Our family friend's daughter watched the kids this weekend and did such an awesome job. At one point I checked in on the house with our dropcams and both kids were sleeping and she was WASHING THE WINDOWS! Most 17 year olds would take that nap time as a chance to watch the Kardashians. I know I would've. She even successfully painted Olivia's toenails without it getting all over the carpet or her feet. I asked her how she was able to do that without smudges all over and she said "she just let me do it". I can NEVER do it without a mess.
Photo Dump
{Such a natural at smooth transitions, aren't I?}

Tid Bits
+ See that house in the second photo, there was a guy sitting in the window the entire time just chain smoking and drinking constantly. Toward the end of the day he appeared in the window wearing an oversized sombrero with a huge grin on his face. Of course I waved at him.
+ I'm terrible at understanding accents. Awful. You'd think I'd be better by now but I probably said "huh?" "what?" at least 300 times.
+ I think because I have dark hair and eyes people assumed I spoke Spanish and would look right at me and say something. I have a very dumb look on my face and blank stare because I'm exhausted. My sister-in-law is a middle school Spanish teacher, I should probably sit down with her and learn a thing or two...


Sunday. Oh Sunday. You were interesting. This was a very kid friendly festival and a total 180 from the shenanigans that was Saturday. No fights. In fact there was an area where hippies were sitting on the grass holding hands and singing. Not kidding. The May Day festival was in the part of Minneapolis where people are all gluten-free, vegan, support a million different causes, wear Birkenstocks, and ride bikes as opposed to driving. I'm generalizing here, they don't all do all those things but you're getting a picture of what it was. 
Minneapolis was recently voted #1 most healthy city by Forbes. Which is something to seriously be proud of. So many bike trails and smoking bans and clean air. If you live in or around Minneapolis chances are you are or tried going vegan at least once. Growing up we were forced to give it a try by my super health-conscious father because he had a huge garden in his backyard. Meat and dairy free lasted about a day in the house with a 9, 5, and 3 year old.
While giggling about how funny people are Rich said, "well you're kind of a hippie".
I guess he was right. A breast-feeding, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, clean-eating, essential oil using, semi-crunchy mama.
Plastic is banned in the area because it's not good for the environment. So is Styrofoam and cellophane wrappers. I completely forgot and got the dirtiest looks about having my plastic coffee cup. I had to throw it away in my purse to throw away at home later.

Tid Bits
+ A woman stopped me as I was walking asking me if I knew what my spirit animal was.
Uh.... maybe this?

+ They gave away free Kind bars which I love and gobbled up 3 of them because I was starving and I don't eat our food because I'm around it all day. I didn't notice in the ingredients that oats was a major ingredient and leaked all over the place. Thank Goodness I was wearing black. I actually did that on purpose both days in case I did have wet stains.
+ A guy walked by that looked a lot like Zach Galifinakis but +100 extra pounds wearing a shirt that said "BIG F**" Rhymes with tag. Own it.
I was sent home early. By sent home I mean I just left. It's nice working for your family....
There was a huge storm coming and I wanted to get back to the kids before it started and let the sitter get home so she wasn't driving in it. When it started all of a sudden we heard loud banging all over the house. It was hailing HUGE chunks that smashed against the windows scaring Olivia and Biscuit. I cuddled up on the couch with both kids and the dog singing to them until it passed. An hour or so later the skies cleared and other than the chunks of hail on the ground you would've never knew what just happened.
 So that was our weekend. Stay tuned because I'll write soon about how THIS happened
Yes. That is MY daughter on Good Morning America!

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