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As you may have seen I love a good funny shirt. I'm currently wearing this one right now that I bought when I was pregnant with Liam. An elderly man asked me once what it meant. I told him sleep > wearing pants and he told me if he could get away with it he'd never wear pants again. Ditto.
Sassy tops on kids are always hilarious. Of course Olivia has her Elsa and Doc McStuffins gear but I love throwing one of these on her with a tutu and owning it.
I've rounded up some of my favorite shops below and either own or have these waiting in my virtual cart. I see you blue tank below.... 

Loved by Hannah and Eli makes the insanely popular "Bear" line for Mamas and cubs. I want to get Olivia the "Grumpy Bear" shirt because it's just too fitting with her personality as of late but I reeeeeeally think I deserve the pink pullover first. This shop is run by a mom and I love supporting "small" (her shop is no longer little) businesses run by Momtrepreneurs.

I'm in love with NBT Threads and their super comfortable clothing. The Dad version of the blue tank is a must for Rich. I have zero shames in planning an outing wearing the shirts together as twinsies. I don't care what he says.
NBT Threads is also the creator of the Ninjas, and Superheros, and Pirates shirt that Liam needs.

Hot Sauce and Donuts is the genius shop that created Olivia's Frozen shirt for her birthday and future Disneyworld visits found here. Printed on American Apparel shirts aka the softest shirts around. Would it be weird if I got the adult version with her?? Nah...

I bought this shirt from Little Faces Apparel awhile ago and every time Olivia wears it she gets a chuckle from adults who love Step Brothers as much as I do.

Lost Boy Goods makes the Bridesmaids quote shirt Olivia was wearing during her first haircut. Lucky for you it's now on sale!

Finally, probably one of my favorites is Little Adi Co, who created the "Mama Said" onesie Liam has been wearing but sadly grew out of. Thankfully they come in bigger sizes now that are already on their way to the kids. Yusssss!!!! Fun fact? Mason Disick was seen wearing their gear during an episode of KUWTK!

It's okay, you can start making your "We Heart Teri" buttons because I introduced you to these shops.

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