Five on Fri

 Another Friday. Another FOF.
You've heard me yapping about Thrive on Instagram and in this post and I promise not to keep hassling you to try this amazing product BUT! (Big but) I can't not tell you all about their promotion they're running right now. If you're a new customer (contact me to sign you up as a customer) and spend at least $150 you receive A FREE MONTH OF DFTs! It's only until Tuesday the 2nd so email me today. or sign up here.
Thursday I managed to get ALL laundry done, organized my closet, donated 3 giant garbage bags of clothes, mopped the floors, and vacuumed my bedroom all in the kids' two hour nap.
I've been watching a lot of "Guy's Grocery Games" on the Food Network. I don't get to watch much TV so when I have a moment I throw one of these nail biters On Demand. I suck at cooking and never enjoyed cooking shows but I do enjoy Guy's crazy antics he throws at the chefs. Make a great steak dinner .... using ingredients only with the letter C! Make your best comfort food ... only using frozen ingredients! Create a great brunch ... using 3 ingredients! Have I learned anything?
Absolutely not.
The contestants will say ingredients from time to time that I've honest to Betsy never even heard of.
 On Thursday night Rich and I got heavily into the National Spelling Bee. It's probably the only time you'll catch me that interested in anything on ESPN for so long. There was another tie this year following last year's double championship. Gokul and Vanya won with last names that I won't even try to spell. Rich said they should just give the trophy to whomever can successfully spell everyone's last names.
"Can I get a definition?"
"What is the country of origin?"
"How do you spell that?"
 My Etsy shop is having a may-jah expansion. Major! New name, new items, new logo, new website, new packaging, the works. I will still continue selling headbands that I love making but my design side in me is aching to come out. I cannot wait to show you all what's in store and will be here in roughly 3- 5 weeks. Here's a teensy hint.

 Now wish us luck as we go in for Liam's four month appointment and shots :(

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  1. Hi! First time visit to your blog via April's link up! My daughter's classmate actually participated in the spelling bee this year! I'm not sure exactly how all the "narrowing down" works, but her friend didn't make it to the semi-finals because her scores on the written exams were not high enough, even though she still has not misspelled a single word through the entire process! We are so proud of her and the attention her going to nationals has brought our small, private school. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. No way! That's awesome! Well not awesome she didn't get through but that's something to be proud of!

  2. I love the spelling bee!! We had a student from my school make it there!! HOW COOL :)
    Happy Friday
    Chelsea @

  3. Wow... my eyes went boggly when I read that you did all that cleaning/organizing in TWO HOURS?! Congratulations! Have a great weekend!

  4. I need to check out that show, it sounds great!

    Crumbs & Curls

    1. It's a good one- thanks for reading here! I love your blog :)


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