Five on Friday

I ordered the banner and cake topper for Olivia's Frozen birthday party from Sweet Orange Fox this week and can't wait to see what Holly creates. She makes the cutest party supplies, bump trackers, high chair banners and toppers. I am having her create a Frozen themed "Olivia" banner rather than a "Happy Birthday" banner so we can hang it in her room over her bed when the party is over and continue enjoying it long past the party. 

We received Olivia's first dance recital outfit. Remember how I said I don't like ruffles and froo-froo stuff? Well jokes on me because this is her required costume: 

She'll look adorable no matter what. I would've preferred a simple tutu but hey, at least they'll all look like Easter themed Salsa dancers. It is strongly suggested that the girls wear makeup so their little faces don't get washed out with the lighting. I'm not too sure about putting makeup on her face just yet. She's not even two!

Need a mother's day gift for yourself?? These Kate Spade earrings are on sale for 25% off!!! I can't decide how many or which colors I need but I definitely NEED a few of these in my life.
We're going to Disney World in November! This will be our third year in a row going in November with the kids so we've decided to make it a family tradition to go every year or until the kids are sick of it. I'm so excited for Olivia's reaction this year as a two and a half year old. Liam will be a couple months shy of a year old so he may appreciate it as well. This year we'll be staying at the Contemporary! We switch up hotels every time we go to keep it new. We've been to the Polynesian Village Resort (my favorite), the Boardwalk, The Hard Rock, The Caribbean Beach Resort, and the Port Orleans Resort.
We probably need these shirts, don't we? 

Olivia's been talking so much more lately and I'm in love. A sampling of her toddler speak:
- Owtide (Outside)
- Pacorn (popcorn)
- wo-shun (lotion)
- Turda (turtle)
- I luboo mama (I love you Mama!)
My heart frickin melted when she first said it this past week. She'll say "I luboo Mama" and "I luboo Baby" but won't yet say it to Dada. Sorry Rich.
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  1. I love when toddlers start talking it's super cute. And then when they get around 4, the stuff they come up with, hilarious!

  2. Love your blog name, so funny! And that toddler speak is precious!


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