Five on Friday

Friday! Friday! Friday! You know the drill. Linking up for Five on Friday, or Friday Favorites. Hurr we go:

1. Zoe Organics is now sold at Target! The Everything Balm is great for ... everything! Didn'tsee that one coming did you? Chapstick, cuts, burns, the cold Minnesota wind on your cheeks and nose, diaper rash, it does it all. I bought the breathe balm because Liam has always been very nasal-y (is that a word?) since birth. He sort of wheezes when he breathes and this stuff is great for opening up his passages. We sleep with the Vicks humidifier but that only does so much. I rub a bit on the soles of his feet, my collarbones since that's where he's usually snuggled, on his back and belly and he sounds so much better already.
It was a sonofabitch trying to find it at Target. I thought it was going to be in the beauty aisles so I searched high and low and up and down and all around. They keep it in the tampons aisle... I don't know why. I just saved you about thirty minutes of searching your local Target. You're welcome.
2. Since I'm back to work every weekend now I had to buy a cheapo manual breast pump since I wouldn't be able to plug my giant Medela backpack in somewhere and take 20 minutes to pump. I bought the Lansinoh Manual Pump for like $29 and I honestly love this thing more than even my Medela! It empties me out in half the time and I was easily able to just hide behind the stand and pump under a sweatshirt. I was at a rock concert where there were completed wasted rockers and here I am pumping behind a corndog stand. Ohhhhh my life....
3. Are you following Little O Love Shop on Instagram? Cause you should! Every Tuesday I run "tag a friend Tuesday" where you and a friend could win a headband from my shop. Each week. Just tag and you're entered. That simple.
4. I just bought these shirts for the kids to which Rich said I'm ridiculous. No shame.
At least I didn't include the matching Justin Bieber diaper pants.
5. We've been trying and trying and trying and trying and (you get the idea) to get Olivia to say please and thank you to no avail. Thursday I went to Target and got her a cake pop as bribery to stay still and quiet during our grocery run. (No I didn't get a coffee either!) The barista hands over her beloved treat and what does the little stinker do?? Looks right at her and "tank yuuu!"
PS: I received an overwhelming amount of emails about yesterday's post and am getting back to everyone as soon as I can. If I haven't responded to you yet know that I WILL by Sunday.
Have a great weekend!


  1. That little kid model really does look like the Biebs. The hair, the pants... So sweet that your little girl surprised you and thanked the barista. :)

  2. Found your blog from the linkup. I love those shirts!!!!


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