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You know me, always late. It's been an emotional and busy week for us so I'm linking up late again for Five on Friday Monday.
I met my half sister last week. I started and deleted the post about it numerous times. I haven't discussed my mom on here and I don't think I'm going to other than we have zero relationship and I'm keeping it that way. She had a child 13 years ago named Grace who was thankfully adopted by a very loving and nurturing family. Grace's mom contacted my dad because she had been asking about her biological siblings. It was emotional and crazy and fun meeting Grace and her mom and nephew. She looks just like I did at 13: tall, skinny, long dark hair, and shy. She met me, my dad, and Olivia and Liam. She got pictures of all of us together and gave me school and softball pictures of her. She's a very sweet girl and I look forward to building our relationship together.
We worked Saturday at Northern Invasion in Wisconsin. The. Crowd. Was. Insane. I have zero pictures because we worked literally NON-STOP. We had five food stands out there (2 cheese curds, 2 corn dogs, and 1fajita.) We brought all our friends to come help us and we had a frickin' blast having a record breaking day profit-wise. I've never in my life seen that much money come through the window- not even at the State Fairs.
My friend Norah and I worked together and our stand was right next to the beer stand. We made friends with the guys and traded curds for beers at the end of the night. I bought my staff a round of drinks for all their hard work and we celebrated a successful event with sore backs and tall boys.
My dad watched the kids from 8am to 1am and I worried the entire time - for HIS sake. He said they were perfect angels the entire time but he's Grandpa so he'll say they're wonderful even if they're screaming and fighting.
Olivia got her first haircut! It pained me to see her beautiful curls chopped off and even contemplated turning around and heading back home on the drive there but the toddler mullet had to go. We traded in the high school hockey player mop for a cute little bob.
I took her to Kids Cuts where they had TVs at each station playing Elmo or Frozen. She got a sucker and bubbles to distract her and the hairstylist went very quickly so she never got bored or antsy. A great experience all around with little tears.

It came! It came! I pre-ordered the Tone It Up Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous book and it finally came! I'm snuggling up with this book and anxious to begin my 28 day journey on this plan. Well not journey, let's just call it a hike.
If you're not following The Fat Jewish on Instagram you're missing out. I woke up early on Saturday and snort-laughed to myself in bed trying to not wake Rich and Liam up. Rich finally told me to go downstairs because I was giggling too loud.
Finally, head on over to my friend Jillian's blog, Cornflake Dreams for your chance to win a $30 shop credit to my Etsy shop.
Have a great week!  
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