Four Months of Liam Matthew

We are THISCLOSE to seeing him take his first roll from back to front. I usually put him on the couch for naps without a second thought and the other day he ended up on top of the ottoman I had pushed up against the couch. Thank GOD I had that ottoman there or he would've tumbled his inevitable maiden voyage off the sofa.
Edit: He now rolls over but won't do it when I'm watching. I set him down on his back to run to the bathroom the other day and two seconds later he was on his belly! I was in the shower and Rich had him on tummy time - he rolled to his back!
Thursday, May 21st, 2015 was a red letter day as Liam gave his first real official baby giggle. I was playing peek with him and cried when I heard that gorgeous sound. Stupidly I pulled my phone out to get it on video for Rich and when I pulled my phone out he fixated on that not making a sound or cracking a smile. Damn.

Tough Guy
Olivia isn't the kindest to him. I've had to take Liam with me to the bathroom or put them in separate rooms because the moment the two of them are left alone Mother Theresa will either slap, stab, kick, or sit on Liam. He's only cried once or twice from it and usually will just stare at her plotting his revenge in the next year or so.
When we put him on his kick-and-play or in his Baby Einstein jumper thing that used to be Olivia's she flips out. Jealousy be a bitch. She now sits in a bumbo, lays down and kicks the piano on the kick and play and entertains herself in the jumper. Mind you she's almost 2.... I promise on everything we are giving her vast attention so she doesn't feel left out. If anything I'm giving her more attention now than ever before but apparently I'm not allowed to ever pick up or look at or feed or hold Liam ever - ever according to her. We're working on it.

I've introduced formula more often because my work days will sometimes be from 8am until about 1am (yes, 17 hour days) and I have no freezer stock. I think I have like 9 ounces saved up. Not enough. He hates - HATES bottles and formula. He's certainly not underfed as he now weighs 16 pounds, in size 3 diapers and in 9 month clothing.

He is honestly and truly the HAPPIEST baby I have ever met in my entire life. He wakes up every morning with a huge smile on his face. Every time we make eye contact he smiles. He coos and gives a big toothless grin to anyone who looks him in the eye. Every single person who meets him comments on how jolly he is.

Bed time at 8. Wakes up around 1 and 5 for a quick feed then right back to bed and up for the day around 7. For the most part he's been a wonderful sleeper with only a couple weeks there where he was up every.single.hour.

He's almost always got a finger in his mouth now. I gave him a teether that he went ape shit on gnawing at. I believe we will soon see his first tooth. You know I'll overshare ALLLLLL about it when it happens!

I love you sooooo much Mr. Liam! But you already knew that considering I tell you only 723 times a day.

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