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I'm going to get 'rill here for a second with you all. I stumbled upon a product that I just have to share with you. It's given me energy, it's reduced my stress, it's caused me to lose weight, and it just overall has made me a better me.

Let me start by saying I would never shill a product that I didn't thoroughly trust and enjoy. I get emails all the time from companies and products inquiring about a collaboration or review. I honestly turn down way more than I say yes to.

I'm also the biggest skeptic. I am that person that sees ads and commercials and says "Yea - OH-KAAAYYY" tuning them out. 99% of the time I'm correct in my skepticism. I saw a high school friend talking about the product on Facebook and ignored it per usual. She kept posting and sharing stories and I started listening. She's the gal who seems to always have it together: in perfect shape, marathon runner, perfectly clean house, happy kids, somehow has more hours in the day than I do, etc. It's human nature to compare yourself and I thought, "I want that energy, I want a clean home, I want to lose weight!" I messaged her and she offered me a 5-day sample.

Day 1: I woke up, took the two pills, slapped on the patch and drank my shake for breakfast expecting not much to happen. I turned my Keurig on as I've done every single day for the past 10 years. I grabbed my coffee mug and brewed up my first cup of about 3 at home before I drive to Starbucks for a Venti or even Trenta iced coffee in the mid afternoon. When the coffee was made I took one sip and DUMPED IT OUT! I didn't need it! Or crave it! I turned the Keurig off and have yet to turn it on again. If you've read here for awhile you KNOW how much I love my coffee and my coffee mugs.

Day 2: I didn't know what to do with myself since I cleaned my entire house and meal prepped the day prior. I rearranged the house and deep cleaned things that have probably NEVER been cleaned in our home since we built it.

< At this point you're probably thinking, this sounds like I'll feel like I'm on crack and be all jittery all day. Guess what, that's exactly what I thought when I  heard the stories. When going to bed on Day One and seeing how much I accomplished that day Rich said, "There's no way you're going to sleep tonight." I was out before he was! I slept perfectly and woke up feeling refreshed again! >

 I took the kids to Sam's Club to shop for the 3 items we go through faster than anything else in the house: wipes, bananas, and coffee. Remember this post? For the first time in years and years and years and years I didn't buy a pallet of coffee - I didn't buy any! I walked out of Sams spending less than $100 which nearly never happens.

Day 3: Rich said "ok, fine, get me a sample". He knows me better than anyone else in the world and he saw a true change in me. He's probably a bigger skeptic than I am.

Day 4: Down 5 pounds. I had to double check because I couldn't believe it.

Usually when we have a hectic day and the kids drive us nuts we pour a glass of wine with dinner even without asking the other one if they want any. On Day 3 Rich did this and handed me a glass of chardonnay. Usually I would just drink it without a second thought. I handed it right back. I had no need. I wasn't stressed and I didn't want to put it in my body! This is when he decided he wanted to get a sample and try the Kool-Aid.

But aren't you breastfeeding? How is that safe? Aren't you all about clean eating and Tone It Up and organic products?
Yes, I'm still breastfeeding and this was the biggest thing holding me back. I don't want to put anything in my body that would be unsafe for Liam. I researched the ingredients and got my Dr.'s okay to use the products. It's all natural. I am not at all a pills and shakes person. I just don't like or trust that stuff. Tone It Up girls don't take pills!
This is sooooo different.
I have an appointment with my Endocrinologist regarding my thyroid medication and Thrive. Currently I take my thyroid meds at night but there's a strong possibility that I can go off my meds pending my Doctor's approval and how my lab work changes after a trial week of no meds + Thrive. I skipped a couple days on my thyroid meds and usually on days I skip I feel tired and am dragging and so very cranky. Literally NONE of that happened.

I'm so excited to get you guys on board with this. Not convinced? Want to try a sample?? Email me at

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