My Daughter Was On Good Morning America

(Fast forward to the end)
Wow. My daughter was on national news!
So how'd this happen? Well it all started with this post and the video I posted. The only way I know how to post videos on this blog is to first upload them to YouTube. So I have a YouTube channel but only so I can share videos. I upload them then I forever forget about them and my channel. About a week ago I got a push notification on my phone that my video has been viewed over 10,000 times. Of course I've NEVER received any sort of YouTube notification. Weird.
Two days later I received phone calls, emails, messages on Facebook, DMs on Instagram, conversations on my Etsy shop, missed Skype calls (I didn't even know I had Skype on the laptop). Rich was getting calls, Facebook messages, emails, etc. Numerous companies wanting to license the video and put ads in front of it and air it various places. I was overwhelmed with the emails and calls and told Rich to just say "no" to everyone because I felt like we were being scammed. Companies were offering $700 upfront then 65% in ad revenue, another offered $400 upfront with 90%, another said $100 with 99%. It all just felt so scammy and I just sent the emails to our lawyer. I'm of course kicking myself now for not taking a couple of those offers.
The following morning I get a call.
Teri: Hello?
Producer: Hi, my name is _____ a production associate with ABC News, is this Teri O'Neil?
Teri: Sure is
(I truly did NOT believe she was who she said she was and my sarcastic voice started coming out)
Producer: I'm calling in reference to a video you posted online of your daughter imitating your walk while pregnant.
Of course you are, you're just phone call #987 of the week
Producer: Would you be willing to allow us to air this on Good Morning America?
Teri: Yea, sure. GO FOR IT.
(I said this in the most sarcastic way because come on- GMA doesn't just contact you!)
Producer: Okay... great. Well we will need this in writing so let me just shoot over an email to you quick.
I get the email and sure as shit.... is the end of her email. I Googled her name and YUP. There she is on LinkedIn and listed on the ABC and Good Morning America websites.
I literally just told this lady "GO FOR IT" in a herpy derpy voice!
Face. Palm.
I emailed her back with everything she needed.
A few hours later THIS is on Facebook
My Facebook friends went nuts. My dad called me in shock. My friend texted me with a ton of emojis and exclamation marks and capital letters.
I honestly have no idea what made that video go viral to begin with. Was there something in the post that was a key word? Why now and not back then? Was it the recent influx of new readers here? What caused it to blow up? If any of you have any ideas I'm all ears. Stay even more tuned because a reporter from CNN just contacted me and I sent her all the required written permissions to air on CNN/HLN.

Then THIS just aired Monday evening.

So that's my embarrassing and awesome story of how my daughter was a little star.
Royal Baby Number Two Who?

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  1. Too Exciting!! What a special memory this is for you and how fun will this be to tell her when she's older! Congrats on your little "celebrity!"


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