Product Review: Frank Coffee Scrub

Pre-kids I had the best skin. I would never break out, no dry patches or oily foreheads. After kids? Just a big, red, dry, oily, blotchy, some-parts-brown-some-red just mess. The other day I did my favorite clay mask and turned bright red then dry dry dry. My face skin was all "fuck this" and literally started peeling off my face. Now I'm scared to use the mask again and upset with the heap of money I spent on it for it to never be used again. Having children wrecked havoc not only on my body but my skin. I love these little dumplings but I would love love love my hot self back.
Step One? Fix that skin with the help of Frank Body Products! Maybe step one is actually dropping these last few baby pounds but I've got pie to eat. Since washing my face is easier than 50 burpees I'm promoting skin-probs back to step one.
I got the Original Coffee Scrub and the Original Body Balm. Shipping was QUICK! I thought for sure I'd have to wait a week before receiving my "Get hot again" package but nope! Surprise number one.
Surprise number two? The smell of the scrub you guys... delicious. I love the smell of coffee but Rich doesn't. He even said it smelled amazing. Well he didn't say amazing, it was so eloquently put as "yea, good" which to me is pretty much the same.

So I washed my face then applied a handful and scrubbed away. I got a little scrub happy and ended up turning a little pink. Be gentle on your face with this! My body? Oh I scrubbed that mother sucker hard, especially my ample ass. I hear coffee and exfoliating can reduce the appearance of cellulite. We shall see. If this actually does you better start taking stock out in this company because I will HOARD.
All the packaging has cute little smart ass sexual sayings like the one above. I don't get hit on or sexually harassed anymore so it's nice when my beauty products can make me feel like I've still got it.

You know me and natural products, I love that this is vegan and has pronounceable ingredients. It's never tested on animals and even safe to use while pregnant - which I am NOT. Hooray!
Whatcha doin?
Oh nothing, just being fat and gross. Lookin' good, lookin' reallll good.
After the scrub I applied the body balm with a heavy pour. A little bit goes a long way here! Be frivolous with your goop. My face had a whole extra 4 layers but it was great on ashy body parts like ankles or knees.
The smoothness you guys? Surprise number three. My skin is phenomenal. Fuh-NOM. I don't have the nasty brown splotches or black-head nose.  You can use this 2-4 times a week and after only 2 uses I've noticed a great difference.
This is not only a great product but a great company based out of Los Angeles. I'm a new fan and will absolutely be purchasing the Cacao Coffee Scrub shortly. It's already waiting in my virtual cart.
I've spared you the shots of it all over my body.
You're Welcome.

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