R: Stop taking pictures
T: No
One day he tells me he set up "Liam's room"

In my closet.... I can't fault him though. Through my utmost hesitation I agreed just this once to let him sleep "in his room". To my surprise he slept THE. ENTIRE. NIGHT. The entire night! I guess it is the room that smells the most like me; it allowed him to sleep through the night without needing to sleep right on top of me as he's done his first 3.5 months of his life. Sorry bub, your room will now be my OCD'esque (all hangers must be black and facing the same way) closet for the time being....

Talking to Olivia while folding clothes:
R: Here's how Mama does laundry: Wash, forget it in the washer for 3 days, wash again because it's moldy, throw in the dryer, forget for 3 more days, throw in a laundry basket, forget for another 3 days, let everything get good and wrinkly, and eventually fold and stow away.

At the Zoo and seeing the Rhinos in their lagoon.
R: That pool is kind of bullshit
T: It's not a pool
R: I know, that's bullshit. It should be much larger.

At Target one day I stopped at Starbucks prior to our shopping and asked him what he wanted
R: Whatever you get. Nothing girly or whatever
(I never get "girly" drinks - always iced black coffee with two pumps of sugar free vanilla)
I brought him back a strawberry Frappuccino with extra whip

We visited Olivia's soon to be school for their pre-pre-school program that she'll be starting very soon. The woman gave me a giant manila envelope full of information and forms to fill out. I told her "Thank you so much Carrie! We'll look it all over and get back to you this week."
When walking back to the car Rich is chuckling to himself.
T: What?
R: I like how you said 'we'
T: ???
R: Like I'm going to read all those papers.... ha!

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  1. Ahaha you have me rolling over here!


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