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Update: I was contacted by Stitch Fix and they assured me that this was a mistake from their vendor and they DO NOT shop at Nordstrom Rack. Without getting too much into it I do trust them and WILL continue my Fix :) 

If you want to join in on the fun, click here. 

Awhile ago I did a post on Mom Fash because I need to expand my closet and toss out all those old club clothes I know I'll never ever ever ever wear (thankfully!) again. I kind of suck at dressing myself because I wear black, white, and just to mix it up.... gray. Fashion risks are tough for me to take. You'll never find me in harem pants and aside from a single statement necklace, accessories and I don't mesh.

Smooth transition goes here. (Aren't I good at those?)

What is Stitch Fix? Well it's for someone like me who is terrified to go shopping with two kids and loves surprises on their front porch from the mailman. You fill out a survey indicating what your style is. You choose outfit layouts that you would prefer and you even indicate what price point you're comfortable with. Are you glamorous? (no) Prefer comfy? (yes) Do you flaunt your back or legs a lot? (Nnnnnope.) How often do you wear business casual or date night? (Not much).

After impatiently waiting about a month you get your first shipment! You can decide how frequently or infrequently you would like shipments.
Your package includes a card from your stylist that I initially thought was just a basic copy and paste with your name instead of {insert customer name here}... until I read it.  I mentioned in my notes that tops were tough for me because I'm still nursing. She took the time to find items that would work for me in my style! She said she selected the zip top because it would be a fashionable way to nurse easily. 

This is the kids' bathroom and our hair - removal room (my waxer and Rich's haircutting tools). It's so gross but it's the only semi-full length mirror we had in the house until I took down our dining room mirror to take selfies. Yea - I seriously did that. Who does that? 
A built-in "My face sucks today" hood. The side eye from Olivia here is on point. 
The card shows recommended ways to style your items which is helpful for someone like me who is semi-clueless about style. I love absolutely every single flatlay they included. Literally all of these outfits are outfits I would wear.
The first thing I noticed were the Skinny Jeans. My initial thought: Oh no! I'll never fit in these. Damn it! Why did they include jeans? I threw them on and said Dayyyyyyum! Rich come here! Look at my ass! I loved these frickin' jeans. Loved. I looked at the price tag and stared at Rich silently.
R: What?
T: They're $98.....
R: A HUNDRED dollars!??
T: No. Just $98.
We stared at each other silently for honest to God about 45 seconds. A long ass time.
I kept eye contact the entire time I took the pants off then grabbed the tag in my right hand and the pants in my left hand.
R: You're gonna do it aren't you? You're gonna take those tags off?
T: Should I? I'm gonna. No I'm not. No. Yes. Yes I am.
R: Do you instantly regret that?
T: Kinda.
If there's one thing Rich is cheap about it's clothing. He loves his $3 Sams Club basketball shorts and a Tshirt he got for free at an event. He HATES spending money on clothes. I don't dislike spending money on clothes but I've become a huge fan of finding a lot for a little. These are now my most expensive pair of jeans... and my favorite! They're seriously so God Damn comfortable and I will wear them at least 98 times so really they're only $1 per use. I'm great at rationing. My whole life I bitched that jeans don't fit right but here I am buying $14 Target clearance pants. No wonder they didn't fit like these. These slid on like buttah! No regrets. Almost.
Look at me peacocking


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  1. Yes totally agreed! I think their price points are too high. I said I didn't want anything more than $50 and my one stitch fix box was all over $60. So basically lost the $20 because I didn't end up keeping anything. ;) But now they have petite sizing which was my real complaint...hmmm???


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