Double Stroller

There are a lot of things I don't put a lot of time into: coloring my hair, learning photography, shopping for clothes, and relaxing - not by choice.

There are things I put a lot of time into: washing my face, sewing, blogging, and shopping for baby items. 

It took me nearly a month to pick a double stroller. I went to Babies R Us numerous times testing out every stroller they had with the kids in tow. I may have spent more time picking a stroller than I did purchasing any car I've ever bought. 

I've put off buying a stroller until Liam was a little bigger because I just wore him up and would push Olivia in the stroller. One walk to the park he had a spaz attack and it would have been nice to be able to lay him down. It was a nightmare and I told myself it was time, we needed a bigger stroller. 

We've had this one in purple since I was pregnant with Olivia and really like it. I like how easy it is clipping the car seat in and out of the stroller and how easy it is to open and close it. 

I thought about getting a double jogging stroller and selling my single jogger that I love so much but when I saw the prices of one and three there was no hohohoho way I was springing for one of them. If I win the lottery #3 is mine. In that loud obnoxious orange color and all. This weekend I went to Caribou coffee and when I was walking into the bathroom a mom tried coming out with #1 and it took both of us holding the door to get that sombitch through the door. I immediately thought, "Thank God I didn't get that one". 

There's a lot to consider in getting a stroller, do you want the kids next to each other or in front of and behind each other? (When I created the flat lay below I really didn't mean to make the side by sides on top and the others below, jus'happened.) What will you mainly use it for? How tight does it fold up? 

My kids tested out the side by side strollers and when Olivia took Liam's bottle and chucked it down the Babies R Us aisle I knew in front of and behind was the way to go for us. I took into consideration that we are at fairs and festivals 90% of the summer and don't want to imagine wheeling a side by side through a busy crowd. 

I heard a lot of good things about five BUT for us it just won't work. I need something both kids can nap in. Olivia is still too little to be sitting and standing on that for long periods of time. 

It all came down to four and six

I liked the Chicco (which is pronounced KEY-CO not CHEE-CO like I've been mispronouncing for years) because it had that reassuring CLICK when the baby seat is placed in. I knew how to fold and unfold it already. It had two cup holders. I wasn't in love with the color options they had available at BBRU but the winner was six! 

This video can explain why better than I can.
+ HUGE storage space
+ I can turn it into a single stroller easily
+ The kids can face each other, both away from me, or both towards me
+ Very easy to change
+ Accommodates the Chicco car seat we have

+ No cup holders. It does come with one but ask my iced coffee that splashed all over the driveway how well it holds up.
But that's it! This thing is the bees knees. The cat's pajamas. The soup de jour. Wait, that's not right. 

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