Five on oops Saturday

This week I was very blog silent because we're crazy busy 'round here. I MIGHT have a nanny secured, now I just need to fly her over here and get her apartment ready. Told you - lots going on.
Olivia's birthday is less than a month away and I just purchased one of her (probably many) gifts from Bakery Charms and plan on buying many more for her and the other little gals in my life. She is the one who made the custom corn dog necklace for Olivia because our family has been selling corn dogs at fairs since the '40s. Olivia's new favorite treats are cupcakes, or "cuppies" as she calls them. We plan on having a bunch of cuppys at her birthday so what better a necklace than this birthday cupcake necklace? I can't wait to give it to her. Actually, I probably won't wait...
Rich's birthday is this Sunday and I always do birthdays big. This year's theme is Beerlympics. I went to the liquor store with my mother in law and dropped almost $400 on the beverages. The check out gal's face went

when she asked if we were having a party after seeing our two overflowing carts and I answered very matter-of-factly with a serious look on my face answering "yep, baby shower". I thought my MIL was going to pee herself. 
Orange Is The New Black is back!!!!! All the praise hands emojis! If you need me on Saturday - don't. I'll be posted up on my couch with my yoga pants and Cheez-its (I will never be able to quit those things) and Netflix.


Liam is a pro at rolling over and uses that has his mode of transportation to get from one end of the room to the other. Olivia did the exact same thing and was crawling by 5 months and walking by 9 months. PLEASE don't be an early walker Liam. I need one child immobile for as long as possible.


Friday night Rich and I were able to go out to a movie for the first time alone in God knows how long. We saw Jurassic World and I. Effing. Loved. It. I don't like action movies, Rich hates that I won't watch movies with him unless they're chick flicks or comedies but for his birthday weekend he wanted to go see the movie. I was just happy to be leaving the house childless and expecting to maybe squeeze in a 45 minute nap during the movie. Nope. Consider me a dino fan.

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