Fri-Yay: A Nanny, A Woody, and Gay Pride

Attention grabbing title, eh? We're just gonna hop right to it this week.


We got a nanny! Hip Hip Hooray! She moved in on Wednesday and we've all been getting to know each other. She'll be staying with us through the season and go on the road with us as well. I can't tell you how relieved I am that we finally have a live-in. I smell a date night or two on the horizon for Rich and I....


I can't wait to work this weekend - we'll be working the Twin Cities Gay Pride festival which is always the most fun event to witness. Out of all the events we do we look forward to this one the most because of the stories that come out of it and the characters we meet.

35W Bridge lit up during Pride. Not my pic.


Last weekend we worked Minneapolis' Rock the Garden Event where Woody Harrelson was just a few feet away from me... but I didn't know it. Missed out on my "I met Woody Harrelson selfie". Then two days later I was going to take the kids to a malt shop in town and it was closed because he and Laura Dern were there filming a movie! A couple days later he was at a mall just 2 miles away from our house. I'm now on a Woody Watch. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Not my pic again. Note the socks.

Make sure you're following my shop @littleoloveshop on Instagram for the enormous loop giveaways I'm involved in coming up. I've scheduled out my July and there will be one on the first that you seriously don't want to miss. I need to mention - because it makes me sad when I see it - that these loops ARE for real and ARE NOT scams. The loops I'm apart of are real shops, who pay real money, to give to customers who truly actually win the items. Of course there are scammers out there and it took a long time for me to be accepted into the loop community with the legit shops because they won't allow just anyone to be apart of their giveaways - thankfully. Just know that I would never ever partake in a giveaway where there was no actual winner. I am always emailed pictures of the winner with her prize.


On Thursday I took the kids to a carnival in a town near us because Rich had a food stand there and our friends owned the carnival. AKA free rides and games and food for the kids. They had a blast at the parade, as Olivia always does, and had even more fun on the rides. We left holding a kicking and screaming Olivia because she didn't want to leave.
"Weeeee! Weeeee! Weeee!" x's 100
Not shown:
+ The 1700 times we walked up the stairs to the giant slide.
+ The meltdown because I stopped the fun to change diapers. Mean Mom.
+ Olivia waving to every single parade participant and calling every Princess on the floats "Elsa"
+ Hiding all the gum from her that was tossed during the parade. Olivia asking where her "dumb" was. El-Oh-El.


  1. Yay for getting a nanny! Represent! (I'm a nanny too). Good luck on Woody Watch! (Haha.) Have a great Friday and weekend:)

  2. I've been looking for a carnival like this to take the kids too! So much fun! And love the Woody watch. How fun to have his movie in town!

  3. We went to WI on vacation and the water park there had similar attractions, we rode the same thing probably 10 times in a row! You'd think they would be dizzy!! Have a great weekend!

  4. Olivia is adorable and I love how happy she looks on all of the rides!!


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