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My Bachelorette recap didn't happen this week because I have yet to finish watching the show from Monday. Monday evening I locked myself in my bedroom to get my one hour to myself while my husband watched the kids but they wanted nothing to do with him and I remained favorite parent of the day. Olivia burst into my room flipping out because her toenails weren't painted. Liam didn't want Rich to hold him, he needed me to hold him. So yea, recap later. Or never. We'll see.
So without further ado, Five on Friday, or Friday Favorites. Whatever you want to call them.
My shop's IG hit 1K followers! You can also see the brand spanking new t-shirt I am impatiently waiting to come back from the printer I created. On PRESALE now! I have tons of designs I'm doodling up and bothering the printing company with my 43234 emails a day but I'm just so excited for all of this. I'm moving out of Etsy and onto a new website I'm busily working on day in and day out. HTML coding is no fun but the end result should knock your socks off. I'm also quickly realizing that my photographs need updating and my little iPhone can no longer qualify as a professional tool for photos. Both my uncle and my ex-step-grandma (yes, that's a thing) are professional photographers and I may be embarrassing them with my "work". Can I just not so humbly brag for a sec here: My ex-step-grandma is pretty famous; she's been on Oprah, The Connie Chung show, in People Mag and Harper's Bazaar to name a few. Pretty neat eh?
 If you haven't heard of Frank Body products you are thoroughly missing out. They just launched their brand new facial line this week and I'm so incredibly honored and humbled and excited that they asked ME to be a part of their launch and blog allllll about it for you guys. I will do a post on this in the next couple weeks after using the products for awhile and share my further love for it with you.
I promise I won't pose like this with my scrub. Ain't nobody wanting to see me do this. If I had this chick's body I don't think I'd ever wear a shirt ever again. 
 If you've never had the Southwest Chicken from Trader Joe's you're gonna need to throw your shoes on right now and race out the door to get some. This is BY FAR our family's favorite meal. You can find it in the meat section but call your local TJ's ahead of time because so many times I packed up both kids to go there JUST for this and it was sold out. Rich and I had cravings for it one day so bad that we drove to 3 different ones until we finally got our fat, hungry paws on them. It's super easy to make too, even I haven't screwed it up which you all know is quite the feat.

I'm only including a nasty picture of raw chicken so you know what the packaging looks like. Funny story time - we call this "Sexy Southwestern Style" chicken because a few years ago at Thanksgiving Rich's brother was in charge of the turkey and he did a great job. He was telling us about the seasoning he used and that he added "extra sexy seasoning". The whole family was all

"ZESTY! I mean ZESTY!" He yelled. So now every year when the turkey comes out everyone, even grandma, says "Daaaaayyymn that is a SEXY turkey!" Our friend joins us every year for Thanksgiving and always says "Well that was the sexiest Thanksgiving I've ever had."


I forgot to post a weekend recap. I know, I know, you're all dying to hear what we did and this week just wasn't the same was it? No?
We went to a graduation where Olivia had the time of her tiny almost 2 year old life. There was a park, games, a DJ, cupcakes, cheeseburgers, kids, and balloons. If they were handing out free kittens I'm almost positive she would have passed out from excitement.

The drive there was about an hour north so thank God for the headphones that came with the van so she could scream "Et it Goooooooooo!!!" all she wanted without Rich and I having to hear Elsa sing it one. more.damn.time. 

The teenagers were dancing to the DJ and when Taylor Swift came on Olivia darted for the dance floor. Age ain't nothin but a number and when it comes to Taylor, Olivia is OBSESSED.


Rich's birthday is next week and I always make sure my family's birthdays are over the top.  I'm currently planning what could ALMOST top last year's birthday for him. Olivia's second birthday maaaaaaay even top her first birthday last year. Rich asked me why I overdo birthdays and I guess it's because as a kid mine were pretty dull. On my 9th birthday I INSISTED I have a kick ass party and my dad reluctantly complied. I put on my best Beauty and the Beast top that would've doubled as a dress if I wasn't so awkwardly tall and a big white bow in my hair to distract you from my buck teeth and thick bangs. We rented out the local pizza hut after seeing a movie and I told my dad to surprise me with the best birthday cake he could find. I was obsessed with Nickelodeon and when something similar to this was brought out

I yelled "Holy Shit the blimp!?" 100% true. I actually lost a friend because of it because her mom was so mad. I didn't let anyone cut into the cake until I took at least 20 shots of it with my disposable camera to make sure I got good pictures. For you young kids out there, back in my day we couldn't see our pictures until after we used the ENTIRE camera, dropped it off at Walgreens or Target, then waited an hour to get the pictures back.
I was in gymnastics at the time so when I opened this gift up, it was over and I completely lost it crying from happiness. All the adults, and probably kids too, rolled their eyes at my drama-queen-ness.
My aunt made me a pair of denim overalls with patches and puffy paints and they kicked so much ass. This was the mid '90s people.

Nobody cares but me.

So having a day dedicated entirely to me was selfish but worth it. That's why I do birthdays big. The little redhead to my right was the friend no more after my "shit" outburst. I heard she isn't doing so well these days so shoutout to Carol - sorry about "ruining" your daughter with my potty mouth.
PS: How dope is chick's unicorn sweatshirt on the left??? 


  1. We have a trader joe's not too far and I never go but I might just have to stop in because that looks delicious!

  2. I personally like the sweatshirt with all the abstract patterns on it that the girl whose eyes disappeared is wearing. Also that mom needs to take a chill pill. Geez. It's not like you were teaching her daughter to smoke crack. Sexy turkey seasoning is hilarious!

  3. Um, your birthday party story is freaking hysterical! Carol needs to lighten up. ;) Also, why have I never thought to give my toddler headphones?! Absolute genius.

  4. I am going to have to try that chicken from Trader Joe's it look so yummy!!!


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