Olivia is truly one of a kind. Her hilarious little personality shines brighter and brighter each day. Rich and I laugh everyday about something new she did. Some of her more recent quirks:

+ Rich was having a coughing fit one day and covered his mouth by making a fist and coughing into his fist. You know, the totally pointless way of covering your mouth.... Olivia watched him struggle with choking on air and started coughing into her fist. Now whenever she coughs she covers her mouth with her little fist.
+ She sings the ABCs now but sings it (in the correct tune) as "Baby C D DDDD."
+ When taking her to bed one night I said, "Say Goodnight to Liam" she started kissing her plastic horses instead saying "Ni-Ni Horsies".
Me: What about Baby?
Olivia: I luboo horsies
Totally ignoring Liam

+ Every time we go to Target she takes her shoes off. Feels like home I 'spose? Ev.Uh.Re.Time. She doesn't do this anywhere else.

+ She's practicing saying "Liam" but it always comes out "Me-um" and eventually "Nemo".

+ The other day the pool cleaning company came over and Rich said, "Poolside is here" as Biscuit barked up a storm. Olivia looked at Rich with an areyouserious???? look and goes "Pizza!"
I guess they sound similar.

 + She sees me pumping and with an exhausted sigh she holds the breast pump up to herself while watching tv as if she's tired of pumping.

+ She has perfected the blank stare partnered with a slow blink when we tell her she can't have something.

+ She's already got the sass I've been dreading. When I am doing something she doesn't like she'll yell
Mama Taaaaaaaaahhhhhp!

Shirt: Gap and on sale now
Pants: Not shown but she's not pantsless, at least this time. From Old Navy
Messy Face: c/o never letting me wipe it
Blurry photos: c/o a wound up toddler and a terrible photographer Mom

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