'Nother Friday

I'm working all weekend at a festival and am so excited to get some adult interaction and do something other than wiping noses and butts and watching Doc McStuffins for the 29358th time.
Here's where you can find us this weekend.
We have a nanny!! We are still seeking one for on the road with us but we've found a lady for weekends. She was Rich's nanny when he was Olivia's age. I'm so excited for her to start with us. She runs the nursery at her church and plans to take the kids to bible studies. Bonus!
Mary Friggin' Poppins has arrived.
Have you ordered a State Fair Flair shirt for your little one? Ready to ship and limited quantities in my shop.
Also available for pre-sale are these seriously awesome hip hop shirts. All shirts are perfect for boys or girls printed on 3/4 sleeve American Apparel raglans.
I've made up with Stitch Fix and received my second fix this week. I'm SO in love with Stitchfix and they truly do hit the nail on the head with just about every piece. This is only my second box and my stylist is getting to know me better and sending better and better pieces. For only $20 you receive a box of 5 items of clothing based on your style profile you fill out (and can always edit later). Your stylist sends you a box of clothes to try on at home - so no trying to shop with two youngsters in a crowded mall! Included is a postage paid bag for you to send back what you don't like and keep what you do like! If you keep all 5 items you get 25% off. If you keep even just ONE item you get your $20 styling fee applied to your piece. This time I kept the button down blouse that was marked $44 so after applying my $20 I already paid I spent $24 on the top. I started a board on Pinterest that I sent directly to my stylist to get to know my style better.  
If you're interested in signing up (do it! it's only $20!) would you do me a solid and sign up using my link??? Then I get credits to use toward new pieces. I'd be eternally grateful and give you all the internet hugs and kisses.
Who else is binge watching?? No spoilers please - only on S3.E7
 Back to the 50's car show is in town which is huge for the neighborhood. We went to a park where the car guys gather to play and check out the cars since we'll be busy working this weekend.

Have a happy Father's Day weekend!


  1. Hope you enjoy the festival this weekend! Also, that Stitch Fix top you kept is super cute!

  2. Gah I need to try stitch fix. I spend all my money on Olivia's clothes. And I have no time to wash my hair, let alone know what trendy in the above 2 age group. Promise to use your link whenever I do.


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