Product Review: L'Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Ultimate Straight Collection

 L'Oreal Paris came out with a straightening collection and thought I would be a great tester. I know, I'm confused too. I'm far from a beauty blogger but how could I turn them down? Couldn't. My hair is naturally preeeeety straight with a slight natural wave. Especially because I regrettably chopped all my hair off and am now taking prenatal vitamins again so I can encourage my hair to grow faster. I'm a long hair gal, always have been, always will be. With that hair chop I have that obnoxious right at the shoulder length where you CANNOT have straight hair because you're stuck with the ends flipped out. 1950's called, they want their hair back.
I received their shampoo, conditioner, conditioning balm, and Straight Perfecting Balm compliments for this post **Da Disclaimer per the FTC** Typically my hair care routine is shampoo (whatever is on sale at Target), maybe some conditioner (again, on sale), and some hair spray. I don't color my hair and almost rarely wear hair product.

I hate getting my hair cut or colored or styled because I'm so impatient. I will say however, oh so humbly, that every hairstylist has commented on how healthy my hair is. Huhhh?? I have no color at all in my hair other than natural sun lightening even though I'd love to go lighter to change it up.

This was far from my typical routine of (maybe) wash, use conditioner if I have it, air dry and throw up in a wet top knot. I used the shampoo and rinsed, then Straight Booster Pre-Conditioner - waited 1 to 3 minutes, then added conditioner to my hair before rinsing waiting another minute.
My hair felt like SILK. I didn't think I rinsed all the product out it was so sleek and soft.

I followed up with the Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight Balm . I know I should be using a pre-heat treatment but as I've said, I'm cheap in my hair products and until now never owned any pre-heat treat goo. I applied this to my hair, and blow dried.

Pre Product

Shirt found here

^ That is without even using a hair straightener! Day two and my hair stayed just as straight and soft.

Consider these products added to my not-so every day hair care lineup.

One and five are my go to's when I want the beachy mermaid hair. I don't think I'll ever use another curling iron with the springy clasp. All about the curling wands. I follow up with six to set without the crunch.

Two is great for when I don't wash my hair for the day, which is more often than not.

I have the world's cheapest and oldest hair dryer and straightener. I think my straightener is still kickin' from my high school days. Not that you'd want either of these or could even find them anymore but here and here.

Thanks L'Oreal!

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