Red Wine and Booze: Our Beerlympics

Sunday Rich turned the big 3-1. I've thrown him parties in the past including a White Trash Bash, day at the race track with all our friends with big hats, a surprise roast last year, and many many more with DJ's, party buses, the whole shebang. This year's theme was Beerlympics! I'd wanted to throw a beer Olympics for many years and everyone was excited we finally did it. So much work. Never doing again. Since June 14th is also flag day we had a lot of stars and stripes decorations. 

Koozie sold out - found here
Olympic ring jello shots
Pre-Party I asked everyone who was in. There were an uneven number of people which was actually perfect! The people who didn't want to participate or couldn't were judges. We had 4 teams of 3 and put everyone's name in a bowl and had Olivia pick 4 pieces of paper one at a time. These names, in order, were the team captains.
1. Jason
2. Jim S.
3. Kaitlyn
4. Matt
We held a draft via Facebook Messenger. This was the easiest way to get everyone together without getting physically together because life is busy for everyone. The first person selected one person for their team, the second captain picked their 1st, the 3rd captain picked their 1st then the 4th captain, Matt, selected TWO people. This way he wasn't stuck getting the last pick each round. Then Kaitlyn picked her second, followed by Jim S. then Jason. Use serpentine draft rules so drafting is fair if you have lots of players.
We did this about a week prior to the party so the teams could figure out their team names and outfits. No one ended up dressing up. Ah well!
The games:
+ Chugs
+ Flip Cup
+ Ice Cube Tray Relay
+ Blind Man
+ High Jump
+ Egg toss
+ Relay
Prior to the games I assigned a point system for each game to have points for 1st - 4th place and the final score was based on a cumulative point system.

Chugs: To start the game off I had a chugging contest that would help build teamwork. Hear me out! We filled up jugs or pitchers with the same amount of beer in each pitcher. We chose to do 48 ounces for each team so about a beer and a third for each person.
Rules: Line up as a team. All teams start at the same time. Player 1 from each team chugs as much as they can OR WANT TO. Pass the jug to player 2. Player 2 then drinks as much as they can or want to. Pass the jug to player 3. Player 3 MUST FINISH. First team to finish wins. Have judges watch closely to see the order of who finishes to assign proper points.

Tips: Don't drink just a tiny bit because you are only screwing over your teammates. Hence the team building. On that same note, don't be a hero and drink 40 ounces because you will probably then be useless to your team later on in the day. Put your strongest drinkers at the end.

Flip Cup: If you don't know the rules yet you are probably too young to be reading this blog.

Tips: We did two teams against each other then played winner vs. winner and loser vs. loser to have definitive 1st - 4th teams.

Ice Cube Tray Relay: Fill up ice cube trays with beer for each person. Do team vs. team as flip cup rules go; or do a full on relay will all teams playing at once.
When you say GO! All players begin drinking the beer out of the ice cube trays from a cocktail straw with your hands behind your back. Players need to drink all cubes as fast as they can. When your tray is empty, turn it upside down and throw your hands up. All players on your team must finish to be "FINISHED"

Tips: Originally this was supposed to be team vs. team then winner vs. winner and loser vs. loser much like flip cup but this was the HARDEST and GROSSEST game to play because of the foam. We all agreed to only play once and just had a chug off instead to determine the 1st - 4th winners. This one is way tougher than you'd think.

Blind Man: All 3 players play. Two teams at a time. We set up two big squares in the yard - one for each team. I was going to get spray paint to draw squares but Rich wouldn't let me mess up his prized yard and our friend forgot to bring orange cones so boxes from the garage had to do. Make sure the squares are even.
Player 1: Blind man
Player 2: Spin the blind man on the opposing team
Player 3: Hide the full, unopened beer from the opposing team.
Don't hide your own beer or spin your own player- then cheating is accused.
On "GO!" the blind man (blind folded) will be spun around 10 times at the same time as the other team. When they're being spun, player 3 will hide the beer somewhere IN THE SQUARE. Once spinning is done (at the same time as the other team) player 2 and 3 will run back to their blind teammate and yell out directions to their blind man on where to find their beer. The blind man must find their beer, open it, and drink it, crushing it to show they finished.

Tips: Don't use opened beers, these could spill.

High Jump: We had plans to do the high jump but since it was 90+ degrees we decided to have a "dive off" instead in the pool. Every single person jumped in the pool - fully clothed and all! So, the original plan was to have ONE PERSON from each team doing the high jump.
THE OPPOSING TEAMS SELECT THE JUMPER!!! They will of course pick your player who may be 3 sheets to the wind, not very athletic, etc.  Stack empty beer cans up as they jump starting with 6 or 7 to speed up time. Have the jumper drink after each successful jump.

Egg Toss: Two players from each team. All teams play at the same time starting at the same starting point. Toss with your NON-DOMINANT hand while holding a beer in your dominant hand. Everyone tosses at the same time and sipping and stepping back at the same time. Whoever makes it the furthest back without breaking your egg wins. Continue until there's a definitive 1st - 4th place.

Relay: The finale! Do however you will. Here's what we did:
Player 1: Slam a full beer. Dizzy bat spin around a bat 10 times.
Player 2: Pitch the ball to player 1 after they've completed their 10 spins.
When player 1 hits the ball they run to their player 2. Player 1 and 2 were about 20 feet away from each other.
Player 2: Slam a full beer as player 1 runs to you. When you finish, grab player 1's legs and wheelbarrow style in a figure 8 through cones (or shoes as we had to do since someone forgot to bring cones) back to where player 1 started.
When Player 1 and 2 get back to start they ran to a table set up with a slice of pizza on a plate lined up. Player 1 and 2 must eat an entire slice of pizza with their hands behind their backs using only their mouth to finish.
When Player 1 and 2 BOTH finish their pizza they ran to their player 3 lined up with the other Player 3s waiting. Both 1 and 2 high five 3 then 3 slammed 1/2 a beer and sprinted across the yard to jump into the pool fully clothed completing the relay.

When you run out of pizza --- use a donut!

Side Games:
We played Shot Roulette after each game. The losers from each game had to spin a wheel labeled 1 - 12 representing a set of "shots" that the losers had to drink. More than half were non alcoholic consisting of water, milk, iced coffee, etc. A few were actual shots of varying alcohols.
This game meant there was even more reason to NOT LOSE!
Their faces capture it perfectly. Is it apple juice or fireball?
Spoiler alert: Fireball. 

After a certain point there were no more pictures so words only below. The winners were awarded small bottles of alcohol. The 5th sizes I guess they're called?? Roughly $10-$12/each. We had Belvedire, Gentleman's Jack, and Crown.

The birthday boy had a great time:
We had an Olympic Torch made from a paper towel roll, tin foil, and red and orange tissue paper.
All had a good time. Some had an even Good-er time ;) All babies were with sitters. No worries ;)

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  1. Oh my gosh - this looks like so much fun! I've been dying to do a beer olympics party here too. We have so many pregnant friends right now that I either have to wait until it would be less boring or find more fun friends :)


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