Cookie Mah-Ter

Brought to you by the letter "O" and the number "2"
I had to.
After I spent a fair amount of money on Olivia's Frozen birthday party she decided she was no longer into the movie and developed a Cookie Mah-Ter crush hard core. The day of the party she decided she was back on the Frozen Kool-Aid and I have heard her scream-sing "Et it Goooooooo!" only 14,000 times so far.
My Party City and last minute photo shopping decorations are showing
Wrapped cookies on the bottom from Firefly Edible Designs
Can't believe I semi-successfully created these
Yes, I know I stole this from Pinterest. I told you, I'm busy. To my credit, I totally made that half-assed sign on Photoshop...
I asked Rich to get blue and white ballons (Cookie Monster colored) and being the day after the 4th of July he grabbed clearance red white and blue balloons. To his credit he did say "hey, they're Elmo themed too..." We had a really long day and night working 17 hours the day before.
Olivia had way too much fun and had way too much cake.
Stay tuned for Part II where I show you what Mom and Dad did after the party with their pals on Lake Minnetonka for a Paddle Tap.

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