Country Jam WI: 2015

If you're following me on Instagram you'll see what a blast we had working this weekend at Country Jam in Eau Claire. Lady Antebellum, Blake Shelton, Eric Church, Kip Moore, Gary Allan, I could keep going. They announced 2016's lineup including Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line.
I'd been so excited to see Eric Church and he didn't disappoint. Good Lord that man put on quite the show! How sexy is this song?? HoooWeeee!
My job is honestly the best. I've gone to probably over 100 concerts. Put in a day of work then off to the show to party.
+ Blake Shelton made his first public appearance since announcing his divorce from Miranda. The camera wasn't working and the lightning storm shut him down early. He said "Damn! This isn't my week is it?"
+ The drunks were drunk. A girl came to the window slurring "Do you just have...... like.... a pickle?"
What?? {We sell corn dogs by the way}
+ Another boozy broad asked for "a frozen popsicle wienie"
Me: What??
BB: The frozen hot dog on the stick. I don't want it cooked. I just wanna suck the ice off it.
Me: Yuck! Next!!!!!!!
+ A juiced up fella said
"Jumbo corn dog please!"
Me: $6
JUF: How bout $5?
Me: How bout $8 then? Next!!!!!
{They usually don't allow me to be on the window because I'm not the kindest when people are drunk/stupid. BUTTTT! I can also be the funny/snarky/playful one picking on customers and making them laugh.}

+ The mini crowd that formed to watch Rich and I sing and "perform" to Gangster's Paradise singing our faces off to every word.
+ The line for beer was always at least a 20 minute wait. I walked to the bathroom at one point past the bathroom and found a $20 on the ground. Ten steps later there was a group of drunks in line that didn't realize it was their turn even though the bartender was yelling at them. I slipped right in and claimed my free drinks without a wait.
Don't mind if I do!

+ I got in all 3 days without a wristband or paying a fee. I will never ever tell my secret of how to get into any concert (that isn't in a stadium) because I don't want people to do it and ruin it for me. I take this one to the grave and people are still shocked how I'm able to just walk right in. No, I don't hop fences.
+ A guy got angry about something and said "I wanna see the manager!"
This is my favorite when they do this
I said "okay!" and turned in a circle facing him again saying "How can I help you?"
This always pisses them off
"F** that! I want to talk to the owner!"
Here's the best part
I turn in a circle again and say "How can I help you?"
They usually walk away.
A reader emailed me {What's up Emily!?} asking about my job and how the kids fit in all this. We have a live-in nanny during the summer. We work May through October then have the entire winter off to be home with the kids and travel. It's a lifestyle I wouldn't trade for the world. My husband and I are BOTH home 6 months out of the year and when we go to work the kids come with us.
We live on the road so we have a 5th wheel that has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and full kitchen so we are at home on the road. Pre-kids we would just stay in hotels because it was just the two of us and we didn't need to have that stability that kids need. They have their home-home and their road-home. They have their toys and movies and beds and they have that schedule they still need at this young age. During state fairs they come to the fair on the week days during the morning and afternoon to ride on rides, see the animals, eat food, watch shows, etc. and Rich and I usually get to join them and just have our staff run the stand during those hours.
I never let them come out on weekends or nights because it's just too busy for little ones.

Our life is full of long days, fun nights, Ferris wheels, road trips, cold beers after a long day, bright midways, food on a stick, summer concerts, long lines of people buying product our family has sold for over 60 years, parades, games, beer gardens, camping, frying, crowd watching, and best of all- we're all together during it all.

Off to the Wisconsin State Fair next! But first, a little trip to the Dells so the kids can go "Shimmin"
God I love toddler talk.
You can click the 'fair' tag to see more of what we do.

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