Five Months of Liam: I Say Second, You Say Born

Late as usual. To my credit I started this post on time. June 24th my Liam turned 5 months old. My beefy little rolly polly is cruising the living room floor via rolling from back to stomach to grasp hold of prized possessions such as: the wipes, the dog's tail, Olivia's beloved blankie which is he is NOT to touch according to Miss Manners, his teething keys, and to chew on Olivia's books.

He popped his two bottom teeth which meant hell for the house for about a week and a half. So. Much. Drool. So much screaming.

He started sleeping through the night most nights from about 8pm - 5am then back to sleep until about 7am after a quick 5:00 bottle.

He's now entirely weaned from breastfeeding due to my crazy work schedule. And the fact that he bit me twice with his new teeth drawing blood. All together now: OW!

He's grown a fascination for the TV which I hate. I turn it on for Olivia every so often and he zombies out with her. I know, I know, you can start embroidering me a "Worst Mom Ever" apron at your leisure. It is great that I can now reply to emails in a much quicker fashion since the kids are occupied. No regrats. (Watch We Are The Millers if you don't get that intended typo)

He has big plans to start growing his hair out. I hope.

Bath time is the best. Car seats are the worst. The WORST. I'm SO looking forward to our numerous hours on the road with the kids coming up in the next couple months.


  1. He is such a QT pie! I love his aspirations for hair growth! ;) Too, too cute.

  2. I thought he was just born? He is so cute!! And I'm glad he has big plans for his hair future. Yay for sleep!!


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