Five on Fri

I received my Stitch Fix this week!
No.3. I requested a mostly black and white box and was slightly excited and slightly disappointed. I received a bracelet and thought "WTF?"
Not my style - brah. I think it's because it reminded me of zebra print which is almost never ok.
The keeper
Standing oh so naturally

I love love loved the dress that was included but was put on a budget by my frugal husband. Party Pooper.
I kept the top because I keep something from each fix so my $20 styling fee doesn't "go to waste". I've requested a new stylist and can't wait to see what she has in store for me. If I would've kept all 5 items it would've only been $181 with the 25% "keep all" discount as well as the $20 styling fee credit. I can't wait to get a 5/5 Fix. I'm sure the gal I requested will deliver ;) She comes with a great reputation.
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We celebrated Olivia's second birthday three times. Her Cookie Monster party on Sunday, a Dave and Busters night on her Birthday Eve and a Mall of America day on her actual birthday. She had nothing less than a stellar time. Of course we celebrated with her favorite, Fro-Yo with extra "frinkles" on top.
We dined at Dick's Last Resort at the MOA where the servers make fun of you. If you ask for a straw they throw it at you. A teenager asked for a refill on his soda and the server said, "I'm busy- go back there and get it." And he did!
The table next to us arrived, sat down, and the husband got up to use the restroom.
Server: I'll get your drink orders when your husband comes back from taking a shit.
Rich is being so cheap lately and only ordered water, shared my meal, and asked for our nanny's food to go that she didn't finish.
Server: Hey want me to see if anyone else isn't eating the rest of their food that you can take home, cheap ass?
Love that place.
Nanny's hat: I FART LIKE A MAN
Have your cake and pick at it too.
Sunday night after her party the grown-ups ditched the kids after being Sesame-Streeted out and took a paddle tap on Lake Minnetonka. Much like peddle taps around town but instead of a bike you take a pontoon. I ordered a case of beer for our group of 12 and quickly figured out that I hang out with a ton of alcoholics because we were out of beer within 40 minutes. Oops. We stopped at various bars around the lake and partied with the fellow boaters.
Did you hear about the bear that broke the glass at the Minnesota Zoo? My very close friend was the one working with the bears that day. You had one job........
I might be the only one who doesn't care about Shark Week. Rich is balls-deep in the Shark Kool-Aid that is this week and even got Olivia into it. When a shark comes on the screen she says "Rawwwwwr!!!! Shark!"
Sharks rawr, apparently so do horseys. And turtles.

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  1. haha, Loved that SF dress you got! Too bad you couldn't keep it. Boo. I don't know if I could go to that restaurant, funny when it's happening to someone else, I think I would be too embarrassed. and that pontoon and drinking with friends, perfection! Hope you have a good weekend!


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