TWO years of Olivia Louise

I'm singing that same familiar tune when Olivia turned one that "I can't believe it!" but it's true. I was looking back at photos and videos of her when she was learning how to crawl, talk, trying new foods for the first time, first giggle, first slide, first vacation, first everything. It truly feels like we just brought her home but on the same note it feels like she's been with us forever.
She's TWO?? I mean seriously?

Dear Olivia,
Today you're two. Let's take a trip down memory lane. From the very beginning you were happy as can be and slept through the night. Never unhappy.
From the get-go I wanted a girl. I was wishing and hoping and praying you were a girl and alas! I got my wish. Despite my best efforts everyone thought you were a boy the first 20 months of your life. Noooo idea why...
At the tender age of 9 months we gifted you with the news that you were going to be a big sister. You were thrilled!
You did of course grow your beaming personality and kept your dad and I laughing everyday
But that wasn't enough for you, you made America laugh as well.
You became a big sister in January and it was love at first sight
Olivia Louise, my Livi Lou, I love you to the moon and back. You make me smile everyday and I'm eternally grateful God entrusted your Father and I to raise you.
I can't believe how lucky I am that I get to be your Mommy and kiss you everyday.
Happy Birthday to my little singing, dancing, twirling in the puffiest dresses, horsie loving, Mickey fanatic, nail polish obsessed, sassy little TWO year old.
Kisses forever.

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