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Is anyone else freaking out that it's July? I swear it was JUST Valentine's Day a little bit ago.
On Sunday we're celebrating Olivia's second birthday party. We were planning a Frozen themed party for the past few months but she suddenly decided she was over it and would much prefer a "Cookie Mah-ter" party instead. Even though I dropped a bit of money on Frozen crap I'm happy to not have to watch that movie one more time and move onto Cookie Monster and Elmo. I'm off my birthday party planning game big time this year but we'll see what I can throw together.
Have you seen this romper from Target? I've gone to two different Targets to try to buy it and they've only had XL and XXL available. Just ordered this today and even better - it's on sale online!
Sunday evening some friends are joining Rich and I for a paddle tap on Lake Minnetonka. I'm sure everyone's heard of the peddle pubs where you are all on a bike and ride through town, well this one is on the water and makes stops at bars and restaurants on the Lake; I cannot wait!

We've been working SO much lately that I feel like my body is 66 years old. But, working = vacations and I've booked so many for us coming up.
August = Wisconsin Dells. We booked one of those cabin villas with two levels, full living room and kitchen with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Can't. Wait.
October = Philadelphia for just Rich and I. Then two days after we get home from Philly we take the kids to Arizona for the weekend.
November = Disney World
December = Vegas
January = Tampa
February = TBD.
I've been holding off moving Olivia into a bed because I like that she's "stuck" in her crib. Since she's two in less than a week we figured it's time to make the transition. That, and the fact that I had the scariest thing in the world happen.
A couple days ago I laid Olivia down for her nap around noon. Half an hour later Liam was ready for his nap. He wouldn't sleep on his own so I laid in my bed with him and he fell asleep on my chest. Being all cozy and snuggled with him I fell asleep too.
{Nobody was home but the 3 of us during all this}
At 3pm Liam wakes up waking me up. Olivia never sleeps longer than 2 hours for naps so we went to her room to get her.
Not in her crib. I start to panic.
I thought maybe Rich came home and I didn't hear him and they were playing somewhere.
He wasn't home, she wasn't around.
I ran outside to the pool with the worst fear. Nothing.
I called Rich asking if he had her. I thought maybe he came home and she was up and he just ran an errand with her.
T: Do you have Olivia.
R: No.
T: Don't fuck with me. Not funny. Do you have Olivia?
R: No! (Panic in his voice)
T: She's MISSING!!!!!
I set Liam in his play pen running around the house screaming and crying then running out the front door screaming her name.
By this time Rich was already racing home doing probably 100 mph.
I ran back to Olivia's room and hear "Mama?"
*** She climbed out of her crib and finished her nap in her closet on the floor***
I had never been so relieved in my life. I couldn't let go of her.
We'll either be purchasing her a bed - or getting 9 foot tall railings on her crib. I prefer the latter.


  1. Totally with you....cannot believe it is July!!

  2. Sorry to laugh at your missing child story but I have one too. Always go to the closet....always! Glad she was ok and totally glad she didn't venture to the pool. Ours is seperate from the house and has a prison fence around it LOL gotta keep them out! Happy weekending! xo Amanda

  3. I feel like I should start wearing rompers. I've never owned one. But I hate matching shorts and a top - so much thinking. And a dress I end up flashing everyone when trying to keep my toddler from jumping in a fountain or something. You've inspired me. Cannot believe I didn't know they made paddle pubs and I'm now going to google where I can get on one asap. Your story of Olivia missing - must have been so scary - I was almost in tears reading it. Time for the 9 ft rails.


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