Friday Fall Faves

I'm back! While I have 100,0000,2039840923742873 stories, we're just gonna skip 'em all until (maybe) later.
Not totally a "fall" favorite but I can't get enough Talenti ice cream. Scratch that. I do get enough because I've grounded myself from purchasing anymore. Juuuuuust after I finish my raspberry cheesecake tub.
Buffalo Plaid! It's everywhere and I'm in love. It also gave me the idea for Liam's first birthday theme. Did I already purchase dessert plates and napkins for a party in January? Why yes, yes I did.
Black nails. I've been sporting my Essie Black Licorice nails for weeks now.
I recently found this top coat because I love gel nails but don't have the time to get them done all the time. It works about 80% as well as a professional manicure. I'm sure it doesn't discriminate against other polish brands as well.  
Sperry shoes. I'm a new fan and probably tardy to the Sperry love party. These go with just about everything and are so comfortable.
I even bought Liam this kind of matching pair.
My birthday is coming up and I'm so excited for my birthday surprise from Rich. He is taking me somewhere in the US and I won't know where until we land!
The new toasted graham latte at Starbucks. I'm not a PSL fan but I gave this a whirl and wasn't disappointed. It doesn't replace the favorite child: cold brew, but it comes in a close second.
In order to get my ISH in order I need multiple planners and calendars. While I'm still going to lose my keys at Old Navy (true story) and forget to go to my dentist appointment WHILE driving to said appointment (truer story), at least my blog schedule, new releases for my shop, wedding photo booth bookings, etc. will all be in one place (okay two) and looking cute. In black, white and gold of COURSE.

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