I have been lacking in the blogging department and have many a posts that will probably die in the draft graveyard so I forget what I have and haven't caught everyone up on. Here's a little recap on the O'Neil household

+ Liam is full on crawling everywhere, walking around furniture and just about ready to walk. He does the adorable monkey crawl with both feet on the ground, knees and belly off the ground and head down causing him to crash and tumble 60+ times a day.

+ Rich was SUPPOSED to take me on a vacation for my 31st to a surprise location and the night prior to us supposedly leaving I ask him if I should pack for warm or cold weather. His face said it all that he totally forgot and booked nothing. I was hoping for Los Angeles and very much hinted (aka printed out and left on the kitchen table) the tickets I scooped for The Price Is Right. Total let down. He did get me diamond earrings but I pointed out that we could've WON those...
Swear I'm not a total brat.

+ We've booked our Disney World 2015 trip! No, we're actually going because I booked it - not him. We go every November and this will be Liam's first Disney trip. Don't tell the kids but I totally have breakfast with Mickey planned.

+ Olivia is bored as hell now that we're in our off season and no longer having fun daily. She asked me the other day with her arms out: Where da fair Mama? Go on rides? I excitedly said, Well we're all done with the fairs for now but would you wanna go to Old Navy!!??!!!

+ I'm gearing up for my shop's first ever Black Friday sale. This is gonna be HUGE you guys!

+ Rich lost quite a bit of weight and can be found doing sit ups and push ups all day now. I caught him taking a shirtless selfie in the mirror the other day. His ego is a little over inflated these days. Dear drunk girls at the fair that said my husband looks like Channing Tatum --- thanks a lot; that totally didn't go to his head AT ALL.

+ My Halloween party is tonight and I cannot cannot cannot wait to show everyone my costume. Halloween is my favorite holiday and for the first time ever we're hosting a Halloween Party. You know me and parties -- Holy Crap You Guys... Stay tuned.

+ I wrote a lot more but Blogger ate my post so I end it here.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. That little crawler!! Seriously that picture is just too darn cute! Jealous about breakfast with Mickey. I want to have breakfast with that guy ;-) Hope you enjoy your trip!
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)


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