'Net Finds

I want to share my favorite internet finds as of late. I love suggestions on new websites to waste time on and songs I need to hear. Say goodbye to your To-Do list!

1. Textastrophe I was honest to God crying laughing while reading this. Laugh out loud, make people side eye you and accidently fart kind of laughing. You're welcome.

2. If your toddler loves Elmo as much as mine you need to download Elmo Calls. Olivia FaceTimes with Elmo constantly and I'm regretting putting it on MY phone rather than Rich's because she constantly "needs to make a call". I hate paying for apps but the $1.99 was worth it. That's two tacos but I guess my kid being happy is more important than tacos. Right?

3. This video is hilarious and NSFW. I'm working at Zombie Pub Crawl this weekend and just found out he'll be there and STOKED! Do people still say stoked or is my age showing?

4. I've been listening to a lot of Elle King, specifically this song. I love her husky alternative country voice.

5. Need a better blog to read? Head on over to Paige Kellerman. Her writing is amazing and hysterical.  

6. Need another great blog? Smashley Ashley always has me giggly especially this post. Dinosaurs love vodka and so does this exhausted mom.

Just don't show your husbands or boyfriends. Rich and my guy friends just don't get it. One of them even said, "You have an odd sense of humor don't you?" as I donkey laughed waiting for them to catch up with my sense of humor.

8. Animals Being Dicks will ensure you don't get anything done at work.

TaTa Til Later!

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  1. Heyyy!! Thank-you so much!!!!! <3 DINOSAURS UNITE!!!....for vodka!!! ;)


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