Recap on the Hap: II

+ Insomnia be a bitch when you're constantly thinking someone knows Rich is gone and is going to break in and murder everyone. On the plus side I'm getting lots done through my lack of sleep.
+ We went to The Safe House in Milwaukee and I want to tell you all so bad about how awesome it is and details of the dinner but it's' something you must experience for yourself and I don't want to spoil the surprise. I suppose if you're never ever ever going to go you can email me for details...
+  During the Minnesota fair I worked next to a radio station that played old school rap songs and one day Olivia ran in front of their booth and started dancing. People started crowding around and there were eventually roughly 200 people watching our little dancing queen. She entertains everyone she meets and certainly didn't inherit her father's bashfulness.
+ I successfully dodged having to drive at all from MN -> Kansas - > Oklahoma and back home again. Thanks Manny.
+ I had to quit swearing because during a talk with Rich about staff that had upset me that day I responded to him with: Yea no shit! Two seconds later a squeaky little two year old voice echoed "Yea no shit"
+ I worked my first wedding with my Flip Book Photo Booth and it went PERFECT! Not a single issue and I can't wait for the wedding fair I have booked in two weeks.
If you're not from my area and interested in booking one, contact me and I'll connect you with a franchisee in your area!
+ During the Wisconsin State Fair I was the only one in the stand and a huge storm came through. Announcements over the speaker scared everyone away and eventually my stand's lights were turning on and off. That was my cue to grab the money and run to a building. I ended up sitting in the bathroom with 300 other people until the storm disappeared.
Not my favorite part of the fair.
Because no post would be complete without a photo dump

Clearly she hated the rides


Totally not enjoying herself


This isn't even 1/4 of the crowd that formed a giant circle watching her singing and dancing. Shy is not her middle name.


Family day watching Frozen on Ice in Oklahoma
You're welcome


  1. Such great pictures of her on the ride, framers for sure! Oh my gosh, so cute with her dancing, adorable. Did you get any of it on video?

    1. Sure did! I couldn't figure out how to post it though. Tech challenged.


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