Recap on the Hap: Part I

Other than Friday I haven't blogged since August? July? We survived State Fair season and had many changes since then. Here's a little reader's digest version on what you missed:
+ First and most craziest, I fired our live-in nanny on the spot. I called my sister-in-law while I was working the MN fair to race over to my house and told the nanny to "pack your sh*t and get the f*ck out of my house immediately" then (thankfully!) never saw her again. Thank goodness for cameras in our home, and great friends willing to watch the kids while we finished the Minnesota fair. My good friend came on the road with us to Kansas and Oklahoma and was our "manny".
+ Olivia is talking up a storm. The things that come out of her mouth light me up. The other morning I heard her talking so I checked the camera in her room and found her laying in her bed saying "all done wif my ni-ni mama!" Livi needs her own section on the blog similar to Rich-isms. Livi Says? Olivia Chats? We'll get there.
+ Liam is not allergic to crayons, cheerios, peanut butter, stickers or newspaper. I only know this because I've found all of the above in his mouth either from his or Olivia's doing.
+ Rich is still in Oklahoma finishing our sixth and final State Fair and I'm counting down the hours milliseconds until he gets home. We haven't seen him in roughly two and a half weeks and the following may or may not have happened: I cried twice at Target, I hired a maid because the joint is a total mess, I cried at the grocery store, I didn't shower for two consecutive days, my Keurig broke from overuse, I was overly proud of myself for managing to change the batteries in the chirping fire sniffers, and I created a account so we could have a date night. Hint: they are all true.
+ I dropped ten pounds and gained a pretty stellar tan.
+ Olivia has two new favorite songs: "Too Hot" (Uptown Funk) and "Staaaaaaaayyyyyyy wiffff meeeee" by Sam Smith
+ I shook Donald Trump's hand! He came to the Oklahoma State Fair and I managed to maneuver through the crowd and get face to face with him. I asked him to take a selfie with me and he said "of course!" but his security said no-no and shoved me out of the way.
+ I have zero idea what came over me but I've been listening to a lot of Drake, Fetty Wap, and Lil' Dickie. Maybe it's because I shook hands with a billionaire? Maybe it's because I turn gangster rap on to deal with stress? Maybe it's because that's all our manny listened to?
+ The squad and I are taking a cruise in March as a big thank-you for working. We're headed to Cozumel and I'm sooooo excited. Taking applications now for 2016 workers......
+ At one point we lived in my 5th wheel with 5 adults, 4 babies under the age of 3 and a dog. Crazy is the understatement of 2015.
+ I ran into Taylor Swift's fleet of trucks during a gas stop on our way to Kansas. Didn't run into Swifty herself but seeing her bus was a close second.
The stories keep pouring into my overwhelmed, over-worked head so we'll save the rest for Part Dos.


  1. Oh my gosh what did your nanny do?! So glad you were watching and your kiddos are safe! :)

    1. She seriously messed up- that's all. Kids are safe and nobody was hurt :)


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