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Buyers remorse hasn't quite set in yet but I'm sure that'll change when I log into my bank account. It was a very unenjoyable day because someone (rhymes with Bolivia) had tantrums that I've never seen before. Throwing herself on the ground, screaming, biting, kicking kind of tantrum. She got up and took off running so I followed not as quickly behind. While grabbing her my phone fell out of my sweatshirt pocket and shattered on the ground. I literally JUST paid $180 to have the screen fixed about a week and a half ago.

"She's your daughter" I said to Rich as I walked away needing a minute to breathe so I wouldn't flip out on my family. I engaged in some serious retail therapy to take my mind off of what just happened. Below are the items I tried buying my anger away with!


I bought this dress FINALLY(!) after having my eye on it for so so long from Express. It flares out and stands up on its own it's so thick.

I paired it with a light black long sleeved sweater tucked in and little black booties.


Whoever said shopping for little boys was no fun was so wrong. I love all these little gentlemen outfits I picked up for Liam.

I mean look at this flatlay! I'd probably ex-nay the newsboy cap but I'm finding shopping for a little boy to be more fun than for girls lately.
I bought nothing for Olivia in my moments of rage.
None for you Glen Coco!
And I don't regret it because I spoiled myself with a new Marc Jacobs bag!

No regrats.

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