Shit Target Made Me Buy

Let me preface this post by saying I had absolutely no intentions of writing this UNTIL I was actually just checking out about 20 minutes ago and watching the gal ring up my pointless items as my total climb and climb.
This is almost always my face at Target check out
How do I continue to let this happen?
I totally understand why my husband took my our Red Card away.
How much more shit do I actually need?
Should I move to a town where there is no close Target?
Should I move to that one town in Iowa that sells vodka and wine at their Target?
I'm gonna start a Targetholics Anonymous Group. Hiiiii Teri
Here are a few items I should have taken off the conveyor belt (but didn't) this Wednesday afternoon.

Socks with sloths wearing pink beanies on them

These disgusting juices.
My head: I should be healthier. I bet these will magically transform me.

  Purple shorts with polka dots on them in size 4T. My daughter won't fit in these for another year or two but they were only $1.80....

A candle.
Here's why this is weird - I hate candles. I have a big big big fear of fire and only use scentsy because I don't like open flames.

This body shaper. Even though A) I don't ever wear these. B) I have no plans to wear this. But C) There was a cartwheel on it and I was standing next to it when I discovered that.

A bubble mailer because it was cute. No plans to send anything to anyone with it....

 Because sloth socks weren't enough I went ahead and grabbed the Mac N Cheese socks too

 A book I'll probably never read.
Bonus: When I got home Rich said We already have that.
Well darn, guess I'll have to go back to Target tomorrow.....

This adorable scarf.
I typically dress in all black (like a burglar or a poet) so this will put some pizazz in my getup. Do I look approachable yet?
 Not pictured:
+ A pack of raspberries that will probably mold before they're ever touched. (My head: My kids kind of eat like shit. This outta change that.)
+ Avocados "I should try to make guacamole"
+ Yet ANOTHER bottle of red nail polish even though Olivia and I have enough polish to paint the fingers and toes of everyone in Grenada
+ Even more baby socks that Liam probably will NOT wear and will get lost.
+ I almost picked up an adorable umbrella located right by the front door because it was raining but didn't because that would be too sensible for my brain.


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  1. I too had this exact same experience last night at Target... it's so bad. Can I join your TAG ( Targetholics Anonymous Group) group?... "Hi my name is April and I like to buy senseless SHIT at Target, in which my husband may divorce me over in the future years to come."


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