Friday Favorites

Yay it's Friday! Oh wait, I'm a stay at home mom, don't care. 
Here's what I'm saucin' on this week/month

 Yes I got a weird stare from a woman when I snapped this photo of the adorable new Christmas wrapping line from Sugar Paper at Target. The paper bows? Stahhhhhp! I gave a very audible "OMG" when I came across this perfection. Black, white, and gold? How did Target know my favorite colors?

This dress I purchased (black of course) on super clearance at Target. Should I just rename this post Black + Target??

 I was sent some Dior Addict Lip Maximizer to try and I'm hooked. I totally had Kylie Jenner lips but in a good way. I took selfies, felt stupid, and deleted them.

Our new dining room table we bought a week ago. Since we moved into our house I've had a serious dislike for our dining room table and chairs but had to bite my tongue because it was very sentimental to Rich because they were his grandma's. After years of trying to compromise he tried to refurbish everything and paint it white and it slightly worked for a bit. This thing is from the 60s and the chairs were literally falling apart. It was enormous and just didn't flow with our home. When Liam got hurt it was the last straw and we both decided to let it go and finally modernize our dining room that I've hate hate hated for the past 6 years. We picked the table out together and I can finally decorate our dining room and be in love with it again.
** No I did not force him to make this decision, he was all for changing it up **
I'm on the hunt for a bench and 4 pretty chairs similar to below to complete it.

Scream Queens - Holy shit you guys I love this show. Everyone was yap yap yapping about how great it is and I caved and I'm hooked. Chad is hysterical and Emma Roberts is the PERFECT Chanel. I live for Tuesday evenings currently.

This Christmas sweater that I kind of need but am not attending any ugly sweater parties so I'm gonna save the $70

I finally did it. I got a housekeeper. They come every month and get the nooks and crannies that I just don't have time to clean. It's been a huge sanity saver and allows Rich and I more time to work (we both work from home) and have lots of kid time.

The Bloggess blog, specifically these posts.  You're welcome.

And now.... what I'm so NOT loving:

+ The post office. TWO. TWO! packages are lost that I ordered months ago. Both my dad and brother work for the post office and I texted them "Thanks a lot for losing my shit. Go find my shirts I ordered. I know you know where they are."
They never wrote back.

+ Liam's walker that he has all the heart eyes for but my ankles are tore up.

+ Frickin' health insurance. How the shit do families afford this? I've been emailing our insurance broker and said "how the hell do families afford this??" Obviously working for our family we don't have work-provided insurance so we're spending a fortune each month. Literally! Our mortgage and car payment combined is still less than what they're asking.

+ I was watching Dancing with the Stars and was pretty bummed when I realized they would never ask me to be on the show even though I'm pretty sure I'd kill it and get awesome abs.

Have a great weekend!

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