Halloween Costume Shopping With My Two Year Old

Olivia is now at that age where she makes decisions for herself and we encourage it. I'll ask her at lunch Would you like an apple or a banana with your sandwich? She'll decide then halfway through said fruit she'll flip out because she wanted THE OTHER one. How could I not understand that?

I braved the task of taking her to the Halloween store to pick out her costume. She's said all along that she wants to be a minion which I was all for. While I wish I was a creative, Pinterest-worthy costume mom I'm just not, and costume-in-a-bag is more my groove. What was the store totally sold out of? You guessed it, minion costumes. I was hoping she wouldn't be too disappointed and was gearing up to have an emotional talk with her and discuss possibly driving far far away to another store so as not to break her little two year old heart but when I looked at her she was already knee deep in princess costumes saying I be Elsa Mama! 

Sweet. No pep talk or driving for us.

Cool. We grabbed the Elsa costume and a little blonde wig.

"MAMA!!!!!!" I thought she was being abducted but nope - she saw a Sheriff Callie costume and threw the Elsa bag behind her.

Neato. You're Sheriff Callie. * Puts the blonde wig back *

Two more feet later: MAMA!!!! *Throws the Sheriff Callie costume and is now going as Doc McStuffins (for now) You seeing a pattern?

Okay. Time to talk. I grabbed the Elsa, Sheriff, Doc, threw in Princess Sofia juuuuust in case and laid them out for her to decide. "Which ONE would you like to be for Halloween this year?" 

She tapped her finger to her lips (no seriously, she does this while deciding and it's the cutest thing ever) and said hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I forget which one she decided on but as we were walking to check out I hear "OH MY GOD MAMA! MINNIE MOUSE!!!!!!!" 

God damn it.

I'm so tired of Minnie and Mickey but my kids are completely obsessed with it. Anytime they get hurt they don't ask for Mom or Dad. It's "please Mickey Mouse" I sing the damn hot dong song in my sleep and can recite every word from the Mickey Mouse Road Rally episode on Netflix because it's the ONLY MMCH episode on Netflix.

But! She's growing up and making her own decisions so gave in I did.

As we settled on the Minnie costume I remembered child #2 was costumeless still. I said, Would you like to pick Liam's costume? And immediately regretted that thinking I'd be in the same boat we were just in 20 minutes prior. She glanced at the baby costumes for .4 seconds and said "moo cow" super nonchalantly so Liam is a cow. Couldn't care less.

** Liam is now cookie monster because the Moo-Cow costume didn't include the hat or booties it was supposed to so I returned the costume (child-free) and picked it myself

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