Halloween Party (Fail)

For the first time ever we hosted a Halloween Party. Rich and I love love love hosting parties (well maybe I do a liiiiiiitle more than he does) and always have huge birthday celebrations, an annual Christmas Party and of course, Super Bowl Sunday. No joke, I just abandoned this post to create the Facebook invite for our Christmas Party. We typically theme out our Christmas parties and this year's is pajamas. The ugly sweater parties are fun but way overdone. We've done ugly sweater, red neck Christmas, sexy Christmas, etc.

Enough about Christmas, here are a couple pics of our Halloween 2015 party:

Chili Cheese dip

Halloween Trivia

These were DELICIOUS and tasted just like a carmel apple.
1 part Smirnoff Kissed Caramel
2 parts apple cider.

The Weeknd and The Dress Purchased here

We had too much fun during the party that we took just about NO pictures. Rich won most original for his Weeknd (God I love this song) costume and I tied with my friend for sexiest costume.

Serious blog fail by not having any pictures of the fun or all the decorations I slaved over.
Muh bad

I don't know what on earth happened but everyone had too much fun and were extremely hung over the next day (Halloween). My friend came over and saw me laying on the couch with a bloody mary (kids were sleeping) and said, "Holy shit you must be hung over, you're watching QVC??" (Couldn't find the remote)

Rich perfectly set this up Halloween morning
At 5 it was time for Trick-Or-Treating! Our neighborhood is awesome because many of the neighbors get super into it. We loaded the kids up in the radio flyer with a speaker tied to the back blasting beats and spooky Halloween music. We have a big group of us go out and come back to our place to hand out candy, watch scary movies, and order pizzas.

Olivia was so polite to everyone who gave her candy. With every single person she said "Trick Or Treat! Please! Thank you! Happy Halloween!" Every single one.
Hope everyone had a great Halloween and you were able to steal a few Reeces Pieces from your kids!

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