Keeping Up With The O'Neils (How we almost had a show)

Now that it is officially not happening, here it is folks. (No contracts were ever signed so we're coo)

We were selected as one of the few families for a Mommy Blogger reality show before the networks decided it just wasn't going to happen. I literally know NOTHING about shows and contracts and whatnot so our lawyer worked with us for awhile regarding this possible reality show that will no longer happen. All of this started happening in January of this year and is obviously a huge process. I saw an ad asking for Mommy Bloggers to apply for a new reality show and applied super nonchalantly and didn't expect ANYTHING to come of it. To my super duper surprise I got an email from a producer asking me to schedule a phone call. I gave her my number and my social anxiety hit an all time high when she called me.

She scheduled a day and time to Skype with me, only me, to begin with and I suspiciously told Rich what just happened and asked him what he thought. Obviously I should've ran this by him prior to applying but I truly and 100% honestly didn't think ANYONE read here or would care so it was basically an apply-while-taking-a-poop thing because I was bored. He was totally caught off guard about the news but said "WTF" why not? (In more words.)

I held a Skype interview with them after trying to nonchalantly get dolled up and pretend that omg! I ALWAYS look this great! (Even though the paperwork specifically said DONT get dolled up, just be you.) I was obviously super awkward and cussed a few times and burped loudly once or twice so I just KNEW we lost it.

They asked for a follow up.
With my husband and kids involved.

Rich said, "You'll be cast as the embarrassing but adorkable one won't you?"

The day came for our family interview. If we passed this part the next step were cameras coming to our home for a "trial" taping on our daily life. Not to be aired, just for producers to get another "feel" for us.
Rich and I were nervous because we still weren't sure what we wanted for our family quite yet. We said, Let's just interview.... and decide from there based on what happens next.

Rich was especially nervous and took a shot prior to his interview. He's an extreme introvert and wanted that little bump in confidence.

We passed.



One of the two producers we spoke to was arranging dates to come to Minnesota and film us strictly for interviewing procedures. Our life on the road interfered with this and we tried and tried to make it work. The producer told me that they decided to pull the show and it would no longer go on because they "found something else" and weren't pursuing mommy bloggers anymore.

I have contacted the producer again asking about the show and so far the Mommy Blogger thing is no longer happening at all. Bummer.

It was extremely interesting while it lasted and I'm pretty sure, as I sit here watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians know that it was all for the best that we remain on a dull blog and not on cable TV. I don't need people seeing just how embarrassing I can be.

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