A roundup of some of my photos on my phone that never made it to Instagram or the blog. 'Cause you know you wanna see

 Olivia got ahold of my phone and there were approximately 23,084 photos looking just like this ^

"Hi fat mouse"

"helping" grandma and dad with paperwork at the MN fair

A true state fair kid. Sleeping on the bags of flour covered with (clean) employee shirts 

A pillow I need

Driving around the Oklahoma fair with Dad on the golf cart 

I took this photo when she woke up and immediately texted my friend who is a pediatrician saying something along the lines of "OMG WTF???? What the fuck is this?"  

 What 80% of our mornings look like

 Rich: Why is he dressed like a retired old man?
Apparently his sweatpants were too high

"Wook at dis big apple mama!" 
#NotAnApple #duh #LiamNeedsANap

You're welcome

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