Richisms (Teri is old edition)

+ While driving in the van I turned Taylor Swift up. "No, I'm not driving a mini van AND listening to Taylor Swift. It's one or the other.

+ Me: Ugh, I just got my period.
Rich: Lord help all of us.

"Welp! No room for the kids"

+ While at Ikea: Me: "OMG! They have my favorite candy!" (picking up a bag of Swedish Fish)
Rich: "So wait, not only do you have back and eye problems .... but Swedish Fish are your favorite 'candy'??"
+ While walking into the family room one day: "So you're sewing and watching Wheel of Fortune now?"
To my credit I was listening to Fetty Wap so...... wash?
+ A song came on the radio one day and he asked me who sang it because I was right next to the radio thing.
Me: Whale
Rich: Whale?
Me: That's what it says. W-A-L-E
Rich: It's pronounced Wah-lay
Me: So there, you know who it is
Rich: Did you really say 'whale'? That's funny.
Me: Well I'd spell it differently. That doesn't seem correct.
Rich: You just don't get kids these days
+ Rich: What are we doing tonight?
Me: I'm gonna read my book and drink tea
Rich: ............
+ The kids weren't sharing their blocks one evening and shoving each other over the same 3 of 67 blocks available. Rich grabbed another bag of blocks and told them they needed to share with each other. As he dumped it out he sang "Theeeeeeese blocks..... they fo' ever'body!"

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  1. Bahahahaha! Why I know that husband comes home singing it every night...while I'm sipping wine and reading.


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