Trip From Hell Part: I'm Not Sure Yet (Warning: Very Disgusting)

Well we're STILL in Tampa since the beginning of this month. Wah Wah. I know. However, I'd kiiiiinda much rather be home, even with all the snow after what we went through down here.

I hate to make this a bitching post but both kids are currently crying (one because they hate their nebulizer and the other because she got in trouble for drawing on grandma's couch with pens) and it's early and my head is pounding (unfortunately NOT from having too much fun last night) but here we go.

1. Drive down. Driving distance from Minneapolis to Tampa is 24 hours. 24. When you have a 2 year old add 10 hours. When you have a 9 month old add another 17 hours. Throw in terrible colds on top of that and add another 15 hours. A dog? Another 10 hours. Fed up tired and wishing-we-just-flew-parents? 20 hours. Add it up, that's right - it took us 4 days to get to Florida. We did have a couple fun stops which I'll touch on in a happier post. But overall we spent the days screaming in the car and the nights screaming in a hotel.

2. We stopped for ah-MAAAA-zing Mexican food somewhere in the middle of Kentucky and the kids were being wiggly and loud (shocker, right?) so we boxed up our food and brought it to our hotel for the night. As we loaded our bags into the room and changed the kids into their PJs my dog decided MY food was HERS and devoured what I probably would have requested as a last meal if I was ever on death row.

3. We made it! Our childless friends flew down and arrived an hour or so after we did. Oh you had a nice flight? Shut it. You had cocktails and a nap? Middle finger.
It was great having them of course.

4. Ok so the time between getting to the house until we went to Orlando was actually awesome. No bitching there. More happiness later. That's not what this post is about.

5. Disney World was great then we headed to IAAPA for the annual convention which was great for about half a day. Liam and Olivia were out of it and tired so we decided to head back to our hotel for a bit for naps and possibly go back to the convention later if they were feeling better. Unfortunately they didn't. Liam began projectile vomiting foreshadowing what was to come. I stayed home with the kids while our friends and Rich went to dinner. Liam kept only getting worse so I called my pediatrician friend. She gave me advice then told me to let her know if he throws up again or if it gets worse. I responded with just this text after a half hour:
Roughly 6 hours later I got sick. I was up from midnight until about 7am ralphing every 20 minutes. I kid you not, I literally didn't go to sleep because I couldn't stop.
The next morning my friend and Rich took the kids to the convention because Liam seemed better so I could barf and sleep in peace. I literally never moved from bed except to quickly grab my bucket until later that afternoon Rich and Olivia came back topless.
Olivia had come down with the sickness
Oooh wahh ah ah ah
All over their shirts. Olivia and I posted up in bed with buckets and rags and water and woke up only to throw up.
Flash forward to that evening. Rich was laying in bed watching tv, got up quickly, ran to the bathroom and wooooosh!
Our friend said FthisS and sat by the pool and slept out there. But it was too late...
We spent ALLLLL day with 3 adults and 2 children in a hotel room with buckets, rags, extra sheets, and water the ENTIRE day. Housekeeping came 3 times to scrub, change sheets, give us new rags, new buckets, etc. We were quarantined.
Two people would be shivering cold while the others were sweating and peeling clothing off. Twenty minutes later the roles were switched. It was absolutely BRUTAL. I wish I was exaggerating in saying we were projectile vomiting. It was truly exorcist style.
We drove back to Tampa the next day with a couple buckets in tow. Olivia and I were 100% better thankfully but the rest of the group spent the day in bed when we got back home.
The following morning I didn't like the way Liam was breathing because it was raspy, mucousy, very harsh coughing and I will just never ever take a chance on breathing/chest issues after my PE a few years ago. I took him in to the hospital Sunday morning to get checked over. He was diagnosed with bronchiolitis and given a nebulizer every few hours so all is on its way to getting better. He was such a little trooper in the hospital and all smiles in between the awful tests and mucus sucking and nebb'ing they did to him.
The care we received at the hospital was amazing and I can't thank the doctors and nurses enough for how quickly and genuinely they cared for him.
Not even 24 hours later and all smiles as I write this.
Well folks, wish me luck. All the good juju vibes, the excellent karma, whatever it takes because I fly home to Minnesota tomorrow with both kids all by myself. Rich insisted we fly home and he'd drive through the night (or two) in order to ensure our family is home for Thanksgiving since we're here much longer than we anticipated. I'm so so nervous to fly with the kids alone because a certain 2 year old hasn't been on her best behavior lately but I'll have Elmo's World and fruit snacks on hand as tantrum ammo if when need be.
Talk to you when I make it to Minnesota.
If I make it to Minnesota.

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