11 months of Liam

This little boy who was once the calm and quiet one is now our wild child. I'm not being that cliché parent that says their child is into everything - no, Liam is into effing everything. I'm constantly cleaning up after him emptying an entire sock drawer, throwing the books of a bookshelf, clearing out the Tupperware cabinet onto the floor and the moment the dishwasher opens he comes running over to climb into it. A bathroom door with the toilet seat open? Jackpot!

He's walking and for some reason he always has one finger pointed in the air as he walks. Cutest thing ever. He still crawls occasionally but with his knees off the ground and with just hands and feet and his booty pointed high in the air.

He's obsessed with his sister, dog dishes, and bananas. If he isn't pulling Olivia's hair out (he won't stop until she's bald), he's eating dog food (really, I dry heaved once seeing him eating it) or crying for his 3rd banana of the day. Really though, take stock out in Chiquita. When we start the bathtub his ears perk up and he goes flying up the stairs. "Could it be? Is someone drawing a BATH!?" One day he was so excited to get in the tub he was on my left as I was testing the water to the right and I didn't realize he could throw a leg over the edge and he fell in, clothes, diaper and all.

His extensive vocabulary includes "mama" "dada" "baba" I'm not sure if baba is bottle or banana, I think it's just his universal word for anything other than mama or dada since those are the only 3 things he says.

Sister is gone so it's time to play on her forbidden bed

He's a whopping 24 pounds because he'll eat his food, polish off Olivia's leftovers, then come to me for mine. This earned him (one of many) the nickname "no-neck"

He is the spitting image of his father. With Olivia half the people say she looks like me and half say Rich. Every single person who sees him says he looks just like Rich. He only got my pointy ears and endless appetite. I thought my gene-game was strong but he has light hair coming in and hazel eyes.

I cannot wait for his lumberjack birthday party in one month! I sure hope he's more eager to smash his cake than his sister was; I actually would bet the farm he isn't delicate one bit with it.

Merry Christmas Eve readers!

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