A Lazy Gal's Clean Eating Recipe Your Kids and Husband will Actually Eat

It's no secret that I'm a shit chef. I have maybe two original recipes and none of those include anything involving baking. I would rather run a marathon with menstrual cramps than have to come up with an original baking recipe that turns out edible. 

I like to eat clean as much as possible and would prefer my kids do too. We eat junk food from time to time because, hey, we're American. I also like to do as little cooking as possible because it's just not something I enjoy doing. I really wish it was but it just isn't. 

My favorite go-to recipe I make every couple weeks is so easy it's stupid. There's no name for it so I guess I'll call it Fiesta Crockpot Chicken. I dunno... 

1. In a crockpot throw in half an onion, a pound or so of chicken breast, a can of drained black beans, a jar of salsa, some cumin and chili powder to taste, and some green chiles. 

2. That's it. Turn it on low and shred the chicken after 8-ish hours. 

I eat it either with some quinoa and avocado in a bowl. 
Rich likes to add sriracha, cheese, and black tortilla chips to make a taco bowl.
My kids like it with a whole wheat tortilla or make a quesadilla with the mix as the middle. 

"Junk" it up with cheese, sour cream, sriracha, avocado and tortillas. 

I don't like corn but adding a bag of frozen corn will add some veggies and color to it. 
I don't have specific measurements for the spices, I just do it from memory and to taste. If I had to say, I'd guess maybe a tablespoon of each. 

I throw a few shakes of cholula hot sauce in the crockpot for a tiny bit of kick. I don't add too much otherwise the kids won't eat it. 

You and your family are gonna be all: 

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