Cheers! To Three Years!

3 years and 2 babies later and Rich and I are still best friends. We wed December 28th, 2012 at the old Saint Paul Athletic Club with beautiful marble floors, huge wood burning fireplace, very early twentieth century with Christmas lights and foliage up already from Christmas so I didn't have to pay a florist to decorate the ceremony/lobby. 

I was pregnant with Olivia but not everyone knew just yet. I was just out of the first trimester and thankfully still fit in my dress because I hadn't gained weight yet.  Not drinking on my wedding day was a minor bummer but I was having so much fun anyway that I didn't mind. 

The day didn't go without some minor hiccups which are funny now. Our little ring bearer had a horrible flu and stayed in his hotel room the entire day. (The ceremony and reception had a 30-room hotel attached to the top of it so nobody had to leave for anything the entire day!) 
Father John was hours late to the rehearsal due to a horrible snow storm so our pianist took over and directed us what to do. When Father John arrived he changed everything so really, none of us knew what to do.
The biggest oops would have to be forgetting my flowers in my dressing room. Halfway down the aisle I wondered: What am I supposed to do with my left hand? I had my right arm around my dad's arm and felt awkward with the left. Oh fuck! My flowers! I looked at my best friend/maid of honor and she gave me that You seriously forgot your flowers???? face. I'm queen of forgetting stuff and that one still takes the cake. The photo above I'm proudly showing that See!! I DO have a bouquet! 

I fumbled my vows and said a very audible "shit". Here you can see my friends laughing that I included "shit" in my vows and in front of Father John. 
Father John is a very important person in our family's lives. He held the mass for Rich's grandmother's funeral and will also baptize both our children. No, they're not baptized yet, oops. We traveled to Italy with him and toured many beautiful old churches and even attended a mass underground where people had to have secret masses (and I'm going to get all these facts wrong) because they were illegal in some way. I forget. 

Of course we incorporated football into our wedding and our wedding date happened to be two of our favorite Vikings players at the time: 12 (Percy Harvey) / 28 (Adrian Peterson). 

The decorations were all winter themed: tall white branches with white flowers and lots of candles. The carpet in the reception area was less than pretty so we hired a lighting company that turned the entire room into a winter wonderland with blue and purple lighting dancing across the tall ceilings making a water-like effect. 

It was truly such a perfect day that I wish I could re-live over and over. Last night on our anniversary date night Rich and I talked about our favorite memories from the day then talked about how we missed our kids - even though we were relieved to get away from them for once. In true tradition of the day we got a snow "storm" last night and cut our date night early so our friends who were watching the kids wouldn't have to drive home in the bad weather. 

Married for 3 years and together for 12. Of course there are days when we fight and want to strangle the other person but there's no one else I'd want to spend the rest of my life with and raise our beautiful children with. 

We took about 9 selfies and settled on this one. 
"I look better blurry" ~ Me. 


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!! Your wedding looked beautiful!! I so wanted a winter wedding with all the white branches and candles and such but it didn't work out... it's still my favorite theme for a wedding though. :-) Wishing you guys many more years of happiness!

    1. Thank you so much! I was hesitant to do a winter wedding but I'm so so glad we did!


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