Y'all... I suck at blogging. I'm going to blame it on the December. This is my second favorite month of the year but also the busiest. I think that goes for everyone. Looking at our family calendar we have every single weekend booked with events.


Rich and I, well I should say just I have been busy preparing for our organization's annual Christmas party for the kids this weekend. We have usually 30-40 kids along with 60-80 adults and we rent out a space for an afternoon of fun, Santa, food, and presents. We've rented bowling alleys, water parks, science museums, the Mall of America (obviously not the entire mall...) and this year we're doing a trampoline park. Every child under the age of 12 gets a gift from Santa so I was being an elf on Black Friday this year getting something for every kid and wrapping gifts all week. See?! I'm not a total bitch like my Thanksgiving post insinuates.

The next day is the annual Special Olympics Christmas party for our organization we volunteer for. This will be my first year so I'm excited to see how much fun everyone has!

Then there's the girls' annual cookie party (my first year again!), an evening with the ladies of our organization to see a show, my annual Christmas party, my family's Christmas party which is ENORMOUS because there's so damn many of us (Roman Catholic Mexicans, 'nuff said), the in-law Christmas, and of course, our "Chri-muss" which will be Liam's first.

Now I'm remembering we have to do family photos and Christmas cards still. Shit! So far behind.

Have the kids already found and opened a couple of their gifts?
Sure have.

Did they cry when we took them away?
Sure did.

Did I choose a shitty hiding spot for them?

I so love this time of year but I'm also soooooo ready for it to be all over.

Soooooooo ready.

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