Friday, BayBay!

Friday! HAYYYY! This Friday I'm doing a 5onF. Five on Friday if you're new. Five random things - let's GO!
We bought a kegerator! What's that? Click here for the one we have. It means we always have two beers on tap in our garage. We buy two 1/6 kegs and hook it to our tapper so we always have draft beer on hand which is great while we have numerous parties and visitors this month. Buh-bye skinny jeans. Hello stretchy pants! Obviously craft beer only, never Bud Light, Coors Light, or any other "college" beer. Rich justified the purchase by saying we no longer have cans or bottles being recycled so..... you're welcome,              Earth.
We also picked up one of these bad boys. I'm thinking Rich is slowly trying to turn our home into a dive bar..........
Just waiting for the chain-smoking 50 year old women and guys with beards and Carhartt jackets to show up to complete the transition from home to dive bar. 
My lady baby is officially potty trained! 48 consecutive hours without a single accident. I'll be posting our tips soon. Not that I'm a pro since this is my first training, but I know I scoured the 'net for tips and thought I'd contribute. Spoiler alert: None of my tips are original so I saved you a click while you waste time at your work desk.
I ordered our Christmas Cards for 2015 and am so proud to say they turned out ADORABLE! I'm a shitty photographer even though I have a great camera so I was nervous they would turn out looking very home-made but both kids smiled and posed for the pic and it wasn't blurry or too dark (like most of my home shots are). Of course in black and gold showcasing their matching PJs.
This weekend is all about the lay-deeeeeeees! I have events every single day this weekend with my gals and I cannot wait to partake in the festivities. My Monday weekend wrap up will probably happen on a Tuesday (or Wednesday) due to my hangover and overall lack of motivation.
Happy Friday!

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  1. A Kegerator to cut down on recycling=genius. Pure genius! And congrats on the potty training!!! I have one kid down and one to go... I can't wait until the diapers are done for good!


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