Gift Guide for her 2015

Shut Up, Pretty Please mug. Perfect for the classy gal that don't take no ish. Politely, of course. I recently found this shop and am obsessed with their cute and funny gifts.

A new planner. Sugar Paper has the cutest planners that I have too many of that STILL don't keep me on task or on time.

New perfume. I'm in love with Forbidden Euphoria from Calvin Klein. I love having a new scent for each new season.

Michael Kors watch in rose gold. This is at the top of my wish list this year. I never wear watches or bracelets because my wrists are oddly tiny with bones sticking out grossly so I never want to draw attention to them but I'm kind of getting over it now and ready to sport a new daily accessory.

Kate Spade flower vase. I typically have dollar store vases but this would add some much needed decoration to my un-pinterestworthy home décor.

For the photographer gal in your life this camera strap/scarf is too cute. It's found on Etsy here and you know what I fan I am of shopping small!

This candle because really, who doesn't like candles? I've been forced by my Scentsy-hating husband to move to candles and no more wax after one fell from the mantel and hot wax spilled ALL over our hard wood floors.

New makeup brushes. I typically buy cheap brushes because spending $30 on a brush doesn't make sense to me. I do have a couple spendy ones but prefer saving money when it comes to these. I dunno, maybe a makeup artist can explain the benefits??

Mmmmmm Philosophy body wash. You'll leave the shower smelling like a Christmas cookie.

A reversible metallic tote. On the cheap!

And finally, my favorite, these cozy slippers that I can't decide if I want in black/white or oatmeal. The little poms on them? I die. At just $20 each I'll probably snag both for myself.

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