M.I.A. for a hot second but we're back!

I am potentially embarking on a scary but exciting new endeavor and needed to go private for a second while the process was underway. More on that later. Life is also crazy, especially this time of year. As I started typing that last sentence Biscuit stole Olivia's waffles and ran upstairs with it. She went running after her with Liam crawling quickly behind as Livi yelled "No BooBoos! Dats MY waffles!"
This weekend we had our annual Christmas party and once again I took zero pictures because we were having such a great time. This year's theme was 'Christmas jammmies'. I wore a one piece red buffalo plaid jumper and the kids wore matching pajamas which were also on our Christmas cards this year:
We had more people show up than ever before. We had our traditional white elephant exchange and charades. Past parties 2013 and 2014. 
I made these shots and everyone LOVED them. Lots of people initially said no thanks because it contains egg nog but even the 'nog haters loved these.
We actually ran out of beer from our kegerator early on in the night but the boys made a serious beer run to keep the party going.
It was kid friendly of course since we're all having babies and these kids are growing up together. I made a rule this year that Rich and I will not be buying gifts for adults this year, kids only because I'm tired of the holidays becoming SO damn expensive. I have 18 aunts and uncles, a few dozen cousins, parents, in-laws, etc. Kids only. All the kids sat together and exchanged gifts. Olivia and Liam had a gift for each kid that attended. Seeing them excitedly rip open their gifts and their happy little faces is what it's all about.
Up next, Liam's 1st birthday and our annual Super Bowl party!
 We finally finished our kitchen's backsplash! When I say 'we' of course I mean 'Rich'.
We'll be painting our cupboards a light grey and changing the knobs and handles. We switched out the boring white outlet plates to chrome ones. In a couple years we'll be switching to marble countertops.
^^^ Something similar to this grey ^^^^
Our dining room is underway as well. We'll be putting up wainscoting, painting, changing the ugly chandelier and adding a rug. I have my eye on a few including this this  or this. The last one in grey of course. 
We've talked about moving a few times but decided we'd rather update. It's fun, it's challenging, and we built this home so we're going to stay. For now.
More later. I have to go break up a wrestling match now.

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