Weekend Wrap Up

The first of many busy December weekends came and went very quickly. Also known as "germ month" because everyone is sick again and will probably stay that way until February-ish. It's 5am here and I'm awake writing with hot tea and a humidifier trying to breathe without throwing out a lung.

After spending all week buying and wrapping gifts for all the kids I STILL had more shopping to do because {naturally} I forgot a million things. Liam tagged along and didn't care as long as I opened up the box of fruit loops. Is my lazy showing that I allowed him to veg out so I could peacefully get things done?

Yep, that's his arm just hanging out in the fruit loops box. The cashier gushed over him while he blank stared at her shoving a fist full of loops into his face with no reaction. Petite O'Neil is a real beast. He earned the nickname "Tank" because he's only unhappy when he's not eating. That's it! As long as he's snacking he's happy. One morning he polished off 5 mini pancakes, then ate the remaining of Olivia's breakfast that she didn't finish, then waddled over to me to finish my eggs and toast. He's just 6 pounds less than his two year old sister. No wonder my back hurts. Rich thinks the only reason he isn't walking yet is because he's so hefty. He's happy as can be and I keep the junk to a minimum so, so be it.

Saturday we had our club's Christmas party at a trampoline park. The kids were stoked so of course they fell asleep the moment we parked. This is me pretending I'm not stressed out about everything.

Rich asked if I was jumping too. I replied with snapping my leggings paired with a "duh"

I was reminded that I birthed two 8 pound children when I pissed myself a little and had to run off to the bathroom.
Only one major injury which required a cast, not any of my kids, so Rich feels terrible about that but the little girl is a trooper and will be fine.
Olivia has been talking about Santa nonstop and how she's going to hug him and tell him what she wants and reads stories about him everyday. When her name was called she ran up to him and froze. Then wailed. As soon as she got off his lap and into my arms she waved at him with a smile and said "thanks Santa!" We learned Santa is great from afar.
A couple hours after this photo was taken, this Santa became a grandpa for the very first time! Little Evelyn was born and we can't wait to meet her! After this sickness is gone of course.
I worked on my Etsy orders some of Sunday and all of Monday and am STILL not caught up.
An awesome problem to have though.
Sunday I volunteered at the Special Olympics Christmas party that our club donates to and helps run. We stuffed goody bags and handed out cotton candy and shirts for all the athletes. They absolutely loved seeing Santa and had a blast on the dance floor.
No pics.
Since we were so far south already my mother in law, her friends and I went to the casino afterwards. I never ever gamble. I did when I was 18 or 19 and never won so I usually just sit and watch everyone else play. My MIL said no way and handed me money to play with. I said no but she insisted. I won $150!
Then I lost it all.
That's why I don't gamble.
This coming weekend we have a ladies afternoon at another casino with a show. I'm gonna go ahead and just watch everyone this time.

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  1. Your little girl meeting Santa is too cute! My son did that when he was 2... was soooooooo excited to meet Santa, then froze and freaked out, and then as we were leaving the Mall he was like "I want to go back to see Santa and tell him I love him." huh??? You freaked the freak out meeting the guy! crazy kids. :-)


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