What's Up Wednesday

What's Up Wednesday, a new weekly series I'll be trying to keep up on. 

What I'm excited for: 
New Years Eve! I'm not sure what we're doing yet but I'm usually pregnant on NYE and I'm most certainly NOT this year so I'm excited to have fun and actually stay up past 10pm for once.

What I'm wearing: 
Day to day I'm pairing leggings with some booties, a Merona shirt and a long cozy sweater. 

Yoga pants, Sweater, Top, Tank, and fluffy grey socks. Head to toe black, white, and grey. Typical. 

What I'm Watching
The Royals currently and I'm SO SO SO excited for Monday -- - -- -- The Bachelor returns! Eeeeek! I'll try to keep up on my recaps this go around. Even if you've never seen the Bachelor or Bachelorette you can start right up with me this Monday. I've got my chardonnay and sweats ready. It's been on my calendar for a couple months now. IMO The Bachelor is way better than the Bachelorette because we get to focus on the women and their jealous, backstabbing, crazy, fake ways. Color me Stoked.
I need this shirt don't I? Yes. Yes I do. 

What I'm Reading
What She Knew by Gilly MacMillan. I'm only onto about chapter 3 but it's such a great read so far. I love thrillers and mysteries and this one is a bit tough to read only because it's every parent's worst nightmare: a missing child. More later. 

What I'm dreading
This god damn zit that's inching it's way onto the surface of my face. All the masks and scrubs in the world cannot take this son'bitch down.

 What I'm making
Crafts for Liam's first birthday party in a few weeks. When I was inviting family and friends during Christmas I told everyone the date and time and was immediately asked What's the theme? We know you, and we know there's a theme. But of course - it's Lumberjack! All things plaid, woodland creatures, Paul Bunyan and Babe the Big Blue Ox, campfire food, and decorations with acorns, birch pine, and galvanized serving trays and bowls.

What I'm listening to
Lots of The Weeknd. Particularly "In The Night" he's so Michael Jackson and I love his smooth voice. 

What we're eating
Tone It Up recipes and recipes from my new favorite cookbook: Skinny Taste! 

What I'm loving
That the holidays are over. I love Christmas, I do. But damn am I glad holiday shopping and traffic is done. 

What we've been up to
We're getting ready for our club's annual convention mid-January. Rich is in line to become 3rd vice president so I guess you could say we're "campaigning" in a way. This is the club we work on the golf tournament and Christmas parties for as well as volunteering for the Special Olympics Christmas. It consumes a lot of our time but I love every second of it. 

What I'm annoyed by
Liam's frickin' walker that is destroying everyone's ankles in the house. He knows how to walk so I plan on tossing that muh-fucka in next week's garbage. 

What I'm hoping for
My grandma to enjoy her new home and to eventually move back into her home.

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  1. I'm so excited for the Bachelor too!!! I can't wait to read your recaps.. I am trying my hand at recapping it too... that show BEGS to be made fun of!!!


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